AYS 03/10: EU-Afghan deal: Death awaits in this ‘safe country’

EU-Afghan deal: Returning people to a war-torn state. 600 children have died in the Mediterranean this year. Over 6,000 refugees saved from the sea in a single day.

Credits: Through refugee eyes

What Afghan children are running away from?


Over 6,000 migrants plucked from sea in a single day, nine dead

Credits: Anima

600 children have died in the Mediterranean this year

Message from refugees to volunteers: “Thank you!”

Laila Baum. Credits: Through refugee eyes
Sarah Misteriosa. Credits: Through refugee eyes
Achilles M. Peklaris. Credits: Through refugee eyes


Refugee flows in Greece, October 03, 2016

Serbian-Hungarian border

Vigilantes continue to patrol the border and harm refugees

Credits: MigSzol Csoport
Credits: MigSzol Csoport


Serbian president warns the EU, announces possible border closure

Refugee situation in Serbia: Tents and people are crowded, but services offered by the authorities are scarce


Help Calais refugees in the face of new 40-per-day police deportation quota


Switzerland opens doors to refugees from Greece

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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