AYS 1/10: Refugees welcomed to Europe with water cannons, flash balls, pepper spray and teargas

Calais closure confirmed, volunteers and refugees protest the demolitions, only to be met by police violence. Following the UK promises, still no solution for the Calais refugee children. An afghan boy commits suicide in Sweden, following Europe’s continuous postponment of resolving his case. Is this how we welcome people escaping war zones?

Credits: Credits: Cendrine Pouzet

Thousands of refugee lives to be uprooted once again in forced evictions: Refugees are becoming the Europe’s new homeless class

Jaures street. Credits: RAN UK
Refugee tents crammed under the bridge. Credits: RAN UK

1/10 Demonstrations

Leaflet which calls for a demonstration in Calais on Oct 1st. Credits: Calais Migrant Solidarity
Credits: Cendrine Pouzet
Credits: Louis Witter
Credits: Louis Witter
Clashes between police and refugees during the Calais clousure protest. Credits: Reuters
A refugee showing a peace sign and a British flag, thus expressing its hopes for relations between Britain and refugees. Credits: Reuters
Credits: Cendrine Pouzet
Credits: Cendrine Pouzet
Credits: Cendrine Pouzet

Idrissa, 17, from Darfur, Sudan

Yemani, 15, from Tsorona, Eritrea

Fadl, 17, from western Sudan

Mubarek, 16, from Ethiopia

Donations for Calais

A donated backpack. We hope the donor recognizes his gift and sees is it being in good hands (or on good back). Credits: Baby Carrier Collection for Refugees — UK
Credits: Calais — People to People Solidarity — Action from UK


This Sunday, Hungarians go to the polls to vote on the referendum question: “Do you want the European Union to be able to order the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary without parliament’s consent?”

Anti-referendum demonstrations

Credits: Tamás Zoltán Szüts
Credits: Tamás Zoltán Szüts
Credits: Tamás Zoltán Szüts

Other important news in brief:

Fighting intensifies in Syria

Europe begins to prepare for collective deportations of refugees to Afghanistan

Arrivals of boat refugees to Greece continues

Reports that police harassed refugee kids in Athens to be probed

A group of 30 Germans has attacked a group of 10 migrants in the German town Schwerin, with one person slightly injured

Afghan boy’s hope of new life in Europe ends in suicide

After the eviction of Via Cupa yesterday, 15 more people arrived during the night. They slept rough in the street

Credits: Baobab Experience
Credits: Baobab Experience

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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