AYS 11/10: Calais: The fear of eviction constantly looming

Arrests, demolitions and evictions in Calais have started, refugees are largely not offered any other shelter. Push-backs from Serbia to Macedonia occuring on a scale larger than we have previously thought. A potential of a new camp opening in Serbia. Merkel promises millions in aid to poor African countries to stem migrant flow.

Credits: Help Refugees

What the life in Calais camp looks like with demolitions and evictions on the horizon

Refugees from Kids cafe arrested. Refugee Info Bus
Refugees from Kids cafe arrested. Refugee Info Bus
Smashed doors of the Jungle Book store room. Credits: Refugee Info Bus
Credits: Rose Lecat

Push-backs of refugees from Serbia to Macedonia


Russia resumes heavy bombing of eastern Aleppo


Jordan to allow aid to refugees stuck on border


Volunteers needed in Sounio camp

Locals of Profitis village place Greek flags and a locker on the main door of the school where refugee children were due to start lesson

Credits: Dimitris Tosidis

Greek authorities have opened a new reception center for unaccompanied refugee children near Athens

Donations needed for a kindergarden in City Plaza, Athens

Credits: City Plaza Squat

More rain and hail fell on Katsikas camp, reminding us that the winter is coming

Credits: KatsikasLive

For the first time there are now more than 15,000 refugees on the islands (official capacity is 7903)

Helping new arrivals. Credits:Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario
Comparison of arrivals in the last three months. Credits: Niklas Golitschek


Refugees are leaving Bulgaria’s accommodation centers


Petition to fight against the Dublin Deportations


Mediterranean migrant arrivals reach 316,331; Deaths at sea: 3,611

The powerful report ‘The economic impact of immigration’ shows the value of migrants for Italian economy


Employment opportunities for refugees in Denver

Credits: Green Jobs for Refugees


Kenya forces refugees to return to war-torn Somalia


Merkel promises millions in aid to Niger to stem migrant flow

General info

“I am stateless (I don’t have any citizenship). Will this damage my chances of getting asylum?”

Credits: Mobile Info Team for refugees in Greece — الفريق المتنقل لمعلومات اللاجئين

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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