AYS 16/10: Refugee family killed by a car in front of Oreokastro camp

Terrible car tragedy in one of the refugee camps in Northern Greece. City Plaza mourns the drowning of one of their first residents. Volunteers and donations needed in Greece, Serbia. Alleged smuggler arrested after at least 18 deaths in Italy. Clashes in Calais, still no solution for 1,300 children in the camp.

The car was set to flames after the tragedy. We choose not to publish explicit photos of victims. Photo: Abo Emar Alrajab‎

At least two dead in front of Oreokastro camp, in a tragedy that ignited righteous anger and riots

According to the first info, mother and son died immediately, while daughter was still fighting for her life. Photo: TH
Righteously angry refugees clashed with the riot police int he wake of the tragedy. Photo: Alaa Hasan

In the focus: France

Clashes between Calais residents and the police, volunteers prevented from approaching the site

Donation are poring in, but the needs are still high as the demolition day approaches. Photo: Care4Calais

First group of child refugees from Calais arrive in Britain — what will happen to the others?

As many as 600 children (out of the 1,300) in Calais have the right to be reunited with their families in the UK. Photo: AFP


City Plaza mourns the death of one of the first Afghan refugees to come to the squat

Hamid, who fled from Afghanistan, has drowned today at Elliniko beach. Photo: City Plaza Hotel

Residents of Notara 26 are in need of:

Oinofyta camp refugees need fabrics

130 refugees evicted from the building in Thessaloniki, volunteers need support to feed them

Dirty Girls of Lesvos will collect old blankets

Dirty Girls have processed numerous clothing items and blankets so far. Photo: Dirty Girls of Lesvos Island

CK Team offers co-ownership of their van

Samos needs clothes for the refugees


Warm meals and clothes needed in Belgrade

Weekly dance parties keep the morale high in a cold Belgrade park. Photo: Refugee’s Anthem


Probably smuggler arrested after the death of at least 18 people, including a 3 year old child

Refugees help to clean up the public park in Milan, but their own living conditions remain beyond repair

Community centres for refugee families in Italy are often overcrowded. Photo: ANSA

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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