AYS 16/12: UK rejects all remaining asylum claims for refugee children in France

Evacuation of eastern Aleppo on hold, with Russia “screening extremists from moderate rebels.” Streets of Thessaloniki almost empty, power shortages in Oreokastro. People sleeping rough at -7° C, hoping to enter Hungary. Croatian police keep silent about push-backs to Serbia. Frontex ties NGO’s to smugglers in a leaked report. 500 refugees fled evacuation of Saint-Denis camp. Undocumented refugees in Amsterdam protest eviction.

A total of 750 children have been brought to the UK, but there were 1,900 registered after the Calais refugee camp was demolished.

End of the hope

UK rejects hundreds of Calais children asylum claims, transfer of children from France officially ended


Evacuation of eastern Aleppo on hold after armed militiamen stop the convoy

Civillians, including women and children, in the convoy that was stopped and sent back to eastern Aleppo.
Remaining rebels and civillians gathering around green government busses, hoping to be allowed to evacuate.

Russia “screening extremists from moderate rebels”

Russian soldiers checking men who were al who were transfered to the government-held area of al-Ramousah bridge

Evacuated people arriving “in bad condition”


Today, refugees have held aprotest against UNHCR ineffectiveness inside overcrowded Moria camp. Photo: Qasim Khan

People leaving Thessaloniki, streets almost empty

Power outages cause trouble in Oreokastro

During power outages the camp is pitch black, cold, and not safe for its residents. Photo: Erika Rudash
A small reminder: Despite being overwhelmed by big human tragedies, we shouldn’t forget how even the smallest acts of kindness can mean a lot for those who are left with nothing. Kids enjoying solar-powered creative kits and donations of toys in Alexandreia camp. Photo: Refugee Support Greece


People sleeping rough as temperatures drop to -7° C

Young refugees hoping to be admitted to Hungary despite ever changing rules and quotas. Photo: MigSzol


Police keeps silent about push-backs to Serbia

Refugee kids playing in a public park in Zagreb under supervision of AYS volunteers. Photo: Asja Korbar, AYS


Frontex denies tying NGOs to smugglers after a leaked report causes uproar in the press

Frontex claimed that smugglers were forwarding the rubber boats precisely towards NGO vessels. Photo: MSF sea


500 refugees fled evacuation of Saint-Denis camp

Police took 250 people to emergency shelters and swiftly took down their tents. Photo: Le Journal de Saint-Denis


Undocumented refugees protest their eviction

After the eviction the group organized a protest march to the Peace church square. Photo: Wij Zijn Hier

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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