AYS 25/11 Hundreds of protesters arrested, to be deported from Bulgaria

In the aftermath of yesterday’s riots in Harmanli, the Bulgarian Prime Minister vows to detain and deport 1,000 people. Many people injured while trying to jump off the train in the middle of forced deportation from Subotica, Serbia. Greece mourns the loss of the refugee woman and her grandchild burned alive while trying to cook a family meal in Moria camp. Important notice about Family Reunification from Greece to Germany!

Many serious injuries were reported by the refugees in the camp — we chose not to publish gore photos of open wounds.

Feature report: Hatred explodes in Bulgaria

Notorious Bulgarian “refugee hunter” Dinko Valev also made an appearance in front of the camp today, surrounded by his thugs, threatening the already scared refugees in front of the cameras.

Media hysteria, fence around the camp: pre-election stunt?


Refugees injured while jumping off train in an attempt to avoid eviction from Subotica

Cynical situation in Northern Serbia

Hundreds are waiting around Kelebija and Horgos transit zones. Photo: Sara Bencekovic, AYS in Kelebija

Croatia unlawfully returns refugees to Western Serbia

New camps emerging, some lacking basic infrastructure

Volunteers prevented from helping in Belgrade

Recent video from RFE shows situation in one of the squatted facilities in Belgrade
Refugee children playing in Refugees Foundation Serbia daily drop-in centre in Belgrade. Photo: RFS

Illegal push-backs, detention in Southern Serbia


Lesvos mourns death of refugee woman and her grandchild who just tried to have something to eat

Tragedy happened in the overpopulated Moria camp, which is no place for victims of war and poverty.

Important notice on family reunification!

Infographic shows where to seek help in Athens


Refugees are back on the streets of Paris

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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