AYS 30/9: UNHCR sends refugees to the streets

Volunteers struggle to provide accommodation for refugees who arrive to Athens from the islands. Public outrage in the wake of shameful arrests of refugee children. Situation worsens in the Balkans. Hundreds of refugees sleeping rough in France

Photo of a refugee child by our collaborator, the 18-years old Syrian refugee Abdulazez Dukhan / Through refugee eyes

Vulnerable refugee families sent to the mainland without accommodation or any form of support

Entire families are sometimes left on the streets after arriving on the mainland. Photo: Rando Wagner, Athens
Single mothers with children might be at risk after leaving the islands. Photo: Athena Centre for Women, Chios
Diepthe camp was closed down without the timely announcement from the officials. Photo: Love Pyotu


Aleppo’s children not safe from bunker-busting bombs even in underground schools, NGO warns

Dreaded “bunker busting bombs” are meant for destroying military objects. Photo: A. Ismail, Aleppo


At least 6 refugees drowned off Bodrum coast


Protests, public appeals following arrests and mistreatment of refugee children in Athens

Protests in Athens following arrests and mistreatment of refugee children. Photo: City Plaza

Volunteers bring vegetables to Northern camps, where lack of nutritious food remains a problem

Team Bananas and IHA have joined forces to bring some vitamins to the camps. Photo: Team Bananas


Refugees locked up in Presevo for three months, still no explanation on how to leave the camp


Increase of returns from Austria according to Dublin, no one mentions new accommodation facilities

AYS volunteers are helping to prepare the refugee children for school, and adults for work. Photo: Elizabeta Jačov


Refugees, volunteers evicted from Baobab centre

Police in front of the Baobab centre — a place that hosted numerous refugees until today. Photo: Matteo Nardone


While Calais prepares for the eviction, at least 800 refugees are sleeping rough on the streets of Paris

There are at least 800 refugees, including women and children, sleeping rough in Paris. Photo: Christine Dolan

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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