AYS Daily Digest 01/03/17: Are some nationalities among the refugees purposely ignored?

Greece: Unanswered previously arranges Asylum Service Skype calls to people from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq and Afghanistan | Frontex boss: NGOs encourage the traffickers | Higher number of arrivals to Italy, but also of deaths at sea | UK: MPs voted in favor of Dubs’ continuation | Unaccompanied minors risk being expelled from Sweden

Mediterranean sea, February 24, 2017
Refugees at the Golfo Azzurro rescue ship, as the vessel heads to Italy (Photo: Santi Palacios)


Asylum Service Skype settings: Don’t answer the incoming calls?

It is hard to understand what is the reason for this negligence, but either way, the result is that many people are placed in a very difficult situation and forced to stay illegally in Greece.


Frontex suggests NGOs involve in criminal act while saving lives at sea

MSF Sea also reacted to the malicious accusations


Islands — official registration

New arrests of a suspected smuggler on Samos

Camps in the mainland on stand by

The Get Shit Done Team once again got other people’s shit done, setting up the long awaited light system in the Softex camp, after the refugees have been living and fearing for their safety in one of the most dangerous of camps on the Greek mainland. (Photo: Help Refugees)




Higher number of arrivals to Italy

Today’s Times includes a letter from Rowan Williams appealing to the Government not to close ‘Dubs’. (By Safe Passage UK)


MPs vote in favor of protecting the refugee children


Unaccompanied minors risk being expelled this year because of the waiting time and procedure

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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