AYS DAILY DIGEST 01/12: The strongest have been broken

Temperatures in Greece remain low. While authorities are still not able to provide adequate shelter to everyone, people are suffering under the cold. Kelebija Community Center has been shut down temporarily. In Aleppo the joy died as the last clown, Anas al-Basha, was killed during airstrikes. Eventhough the administrative court in Austria halted deportations the government wants to continue them — and in some cases the court is fine with it. Help still needed in Paris and Hungary.

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Credits: Loïs Simac / InterVolve


UNHCR announced that the refugees will be moved from tents to indoor rooms. While there have almost been not sufficient efforts made to winterize the camps before, it needed the first snow in Petra camp (as reported in yesterday’s digest) and temperatures below zero in other locations to prepare this steps. But as of today a lot of camps are still in use and the refugees have to resist freezing temperatures. Neither UNHCR nor the government gave a timeframe until the refugees will be accommedated in heated shelters. Most of the containers remain fridges, because there is no electricity and no other heating provided till now.

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Credits: refugees.tv
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Credits: The Get The Shit Done Team

Relocation for Iraqis still possible

The Mobile Info Team informs, that relocation for Iraqi refugees is still eligible, when the arrived before the 20th of March and pre-registered before 16th of June.

Fire safety

Following the deadly accident in Moria camp on Lesvos, when a gas canister exploded, News that moves is collecting information for fire safety provided by UNHCR. If you are working with refugees using gas, please forward them the information. It can save lifes. Volunteers report, that the two year old boy has a surgery tomorrow as well as his mother.


It was rumored for several weeks now, that Serbian authorities are looking to crack down on some spots they deem obnoxious. The first victim now was the Kelebija Community Center, which provided some safe space as well as social life and activities for the residents in the transit zone. Further they covered some basic needs. Are you Syrious? participated with tents for a women and children space. For now KCC has to remain closed, until the responsible NGO, NorthStar, takes some bureaucratic hurdles. But they are looking to reopen soon.

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Credits: Aleksandar Nastevski


Anas al-Basha was the man, probably the last one, who brought joy to Aleppo. Dressed as a clown he made children smile in times, when smiling was impossible. With his coloured, funny appearance he brought happiness to a dark and grey place, where every hope was lost. Because he didn’t have any social media account, he was not famous online. But in Aleppo a lot of people knew him. During bombings on tuesday al-Basha died and with him maybe the last joy.


Even after the Austrian Federal Administrative Court suspended deportations to Croatia until the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) makes a final decision, Austrian government still intend to continue deportations, ORF reports. They say, that it is not a “general” but a “differentiated” deportation. The ones who are being deported did obviously enter Austria illegally, they say. The cases, in which transports have been organized by governments in 2015, have to be investigated.


By 24th of November the new reception center for refugees in Paris had already welcomed 1,253 people, Reuters reports. The centre offers 400 beds for up to ten days to refugees and costs 6.5 million Euros. “In just 18 months, from June 2015 to November 2016, thirty makeshift camps have been cleared in Paris, with authorities providing emergency shelter for 22,000 migrants”, according to a townhall spokesman.

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Credits: Paris Refugee Ground Support
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Credits: Care4Calais

Get a christmas present, support refugees

Calais Action has moved its presence to the greek island of Lesvos and visited the amazing Dirty Girls. Together they are selling bags made of fake life jackets, which are suitable for laptops and tablets. With 100 Euros you can support their work and get one bag.

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