AYS DAILY DIGEST 02.01.2018: Unaccompanied child refugees continue to be underserved

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“The Loneliness of the Refugee,” Serbia. Photo Credit: Gabriel Tizon



Gambian refugees repatriated to home country


First refugees of 2018 saved from drowning

SOS signal launched on December 26, those on board vessel brought to safety


110-year-old Syrian grandmother struggles to reach family in Germany

Refugees arrested crossing from Turkey to Greece

Staff needed to keep cultural center running

Boat Refugee Foundation ending activities, seeking to build a new team


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Refugees in Vial continue to live on summer tents despite the difficult winter conditions ahead. Photo Credit: Be Aware and Share


Ghanese man attempting to reunite with family rescued

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Tous Migrants demonstrating to bring awareness of the dangers to refugee lives as a result of the closing of borders.

Fire damages building meant to host refugees

Ghanese refugee attempts suicide

Donations needed in Ventimiglia


Retrial of Ahmed H. to continue next week


Demonstration against new Austrian government to take place in Vienna


German doctors voice opposition to mandatory age tests

Afghan refugee scheduled to be deported commit suicide


Polish government debates bringing in refugees for medical treatment


Utopia 56 seeks additional volunteers in Paris


Group connects willing hosts with refugees

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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