AYS Daily Digest 03/07/17: Italy-Europe agreements over refugees lives

Suicide bombing in central Iraq refugee camp / Appalling conditions in Chios / Solidarity at Porte de la Chapelle / Belgium and Poland to harden stands towards refugees / Cooks needed in Rome’s Baobab camp / And more news…

Love prevails. (Photo by MSF Sea)


It was a busy week for Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti.

  • Provide additional support to IOM and UNHCR to allow facilities in Libya to reach international standards in terms of living conditions and human rights;
  • Encourage the examination of possible concrete options to reinforce border controls at the Southern border of Libya in order to stem irregular migratory flows, in close coordination with Libya’s neighbouring countries.
  • Reinforce the EU strategy on returns, making full use of capacities provided by Frontex as well as of the agreed coordinated reassessing of visa policy toward third countries in order to enhance readmission rates where needed.
  • Make full use and accelerate the agreed EU relocation scheme in order to strengthen relocation of persons in need of protection.


Refugee camp in Anbar province hit by suicide bomber

Media report that at least 14 people, including civilians, have been killed after a suicide bomber blew himself up on Sunday at a camp for internally displaced people in the Anbar province, in central Iraq.


Baobab needs cooks

While Baobab Experience petition to Ferrovie dello Stato, owner of the area where the camp is occupied, in order to obtain a formal right to stay, has reached almost 2,800 supporters, they still needs cooks.


The number of arrivals in June in Lesvos was 940, media source report. This signals a rapid increase in respect with the earlier months of 2017: 456 in January, 252 in February, 336 in March, 281 in April and 534 in May.

Arrivals and registrations

One boat came in on the night between Sunday and Monday on the north coast of Lesvos carrying 21 people: 13 children, 5 women, 3 men. Everyone is ok.


Rats, lack of water, high tempertures: conditions in Chios camps are worsening by the day

Life for people stranded on islands is becoming scarier every day. The latest report is about the 1-year old Syrian boy who was taken to the hospital in Chios after bitten by rat.


Coastguard is obstructing volunteers rescue operation off the northern coast

Moria camp

While the hunger strike is still going on, refugees and volunteers reports highlight the inhumane conditions of the detention centre:

Moria camp

In the camps live over 100 refugees from different nationalities; rooms are closed from 23 to 8 every night and the Greek Police take away all the phones. Refugees are allowed to use their phones for only 1 hours a day.

Is this a camp or a prison? (Immigrant مهاجر)

It’s not possible to just switch from family reunification to relocation

Mobile info team for refugees in Greece published a clarification:

Volunteering needs

Pamperaiki warehouse at Ellinikon needs volunteers.


Updates from Porte de la Chapelle, Paris

  • to deploy an emergency plan for this summer to meet basic needs;
  • for an actual application of the right of asylum;
  • to stop the criminalisation of solidarity in any form.

Urgent Blanket appeal from Refugee women’s centre in Dunquerke


Polish government harden its stance against relocation programme

According to media reports, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, head of the ruling Law & Justice Party hardened its stance against refugees speaking at his party’s conference in the central Polish town of Przysucha on Saturday.


Belgian parliament to discuss changes in migration law

Belgian lawmakers will discuss an overhaul of Belgium’s migration law on Tuesday that may include detaining some asylum seekers in closed centers, media sources (1, 2) reported today.

Refugees in arts and academia

The Jonge Academie and SAR — Scholars at Risk are organizing an event tomorrow July 4th in order to bring public attention to the issue of refugees in the arts sector and the academia, and to examine the current situation in Flanders. “We are convinced that there are prospects to turn the current challenges into opportunities, both for refugees, the arts sector and academia.”

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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