AYS Daily Digest 03/11/17: One of the busiest days for rescues in recent months

UK scheme helping 1000 carers announced / Six rescue operations carried out today, 700 rescued / 2000+ people have been rescued this week / boat sunk off coast of Kalymnos island / Oinofyta camp closes / Day 3 of hunger strike in Athens and more

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“The Italian Coast Guard ship Diciotti was heading for the southern port of Reggio Calabria with 764 rescued migrants on board, the ANSA news agency said in a report confirmed by the coast guard spokesman” MEE writes.

Salvamento Meritimo wrote a chilling reminder. The number of people rescued at sea in the period January-October was 357 in 2016 compared to 824 in 2017. The total number of those rescued at sea between January-October in all Spain was 13,544 people versus 5,384 in the same period in 2016.

2000+ people have been rescued this week.



About 650,000 Syrian refugees are estimated to be working in Turkey, many in the garment industry, yet most lack work permits, leaving them at greater risk of abuse, the BHRRC said. A Reuters investigation last year found evidence of Syrian refugee children in Turkey working in clothes factories in illegal conditions.


Oinofyta camp closes

“I do not know why they close the field when it is ready to face the winter and can accommodate around 600 refugees who will need shelter for the winter season,” volunteer Amy Anderson says in the video. “Many wonder why a camp closes when thousands of refugees remain trapped in the Aegean islands. The government argues that only some of them can be transferred to the continent, as is the case of minors and vulnerable men and women,” concludes the Euronews correspondent in the area.

(report in Spanish)

Athens — day 3 of hunger strike

A male refugee from Syria, Amr Isa, said he was staying alone in Greece, separated from his family. “My wife and my daughter are in Germany but I’m stuck here,” said Isa. “I could not go because I only had money for two people. We’ve been making requests to go to Germany for some months now and I know that my request has been accepted but for some reason, I’m still here — so I’ll stay here and hunger strike until they give us answers”, InfoMigrants reports.

See the list of immediate needs here.

Photos: Ruhi Loren

Refugees in Mytilini have been on hunger strike for 16 days now. Read more about the camp in our special report here.



A new centre near Calais to enable the proper processing of unaccompanied child refugees has been opened this week where children will be able to claim asylum safely and legally. The centre is a temporary solution designed to accommodate young people hoping to be reunited with family in the UK and those eligible to come to the UK under the Dubs scheme. It appears that children with no family in the UK will also be able to be assessed at this new centre.

Yet as anyone who has recently volunteered in Calais will know, the number of under 18s sleeping rough in dreadful danger far outstrips the 20 places available, Calais Action commented.

“The development of a centre near Calais is welcome, but it must be permanent and provide legal support to children trying to access safe and legal routes to Britain.”

“We must put an end to desperate children jumping on lorries, risking their lives and others as they seek to reach their loved ones — as is their legal right” Ald Dubs said.

We wrote about the judicial review of the management by the Home Office and the Court of Justice ruling against it yesterday. You can watch Thursday’s debate in Parliament on Calais and unaccompanied minors in Europe here.

The Refugee Women’s Centre announced that they will be working “under the umbrella” of Help Refugees from now on. There is now a dedicated fundraising page for the RWC here, see how you can help their efforts on the ground.

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