AYS Daily Digest 03/11/17: One of the busiest days for rescues in recent months

Photo: Javi Julio


Six rescue operations were carried out today, making it one of the busiest days for rescues in recent months. The bodies of 23 migrants were recovered after a boat heading for Italy sank in the central Mediterranean. Some 64 people on the boat, who ended up in the water, were saved by a EUNavForMed ship belonging to the EU’s Operation Sophia. The bodies and the survivors are being taken to a port in Sicily, ANSA reports. 700 people are reported to have been rescued. Another rubber boat sank with 120 people missing.

2000+ people have been rescued this week.


UNHCR published stats on refugees in Libya. The numbers show there are 34,226 refugees, the majority of which are Syrian. It is worth noting that these are just the UNHCR numbers for camps, yet there are many more in unofficial camps or worse.


Some of Europe’s biggest stores are failing to stem the abuse of Syrian refugees who work in the Turkish factories that supply their clothes, a business pressure group said today, Reuters reports.


A wooden boat with refugees is reported to have sunk off the coast of Kalymnos island in Greece. At least three people drowned while 15 people, among them children, were saved. There were probably 24 people on board, but the rest are missing. The SAR operation is still ongoing. Survivors were transferred to Kalymnos at 05:30, among them a 10-year-old boy whose mother passed away at sea.

Oinofyta camp closes

Around 230 refugees had to leave the temporary camp where they were residing, an hour’s drive north of Athens, with the order to be moved to other camps. The majority of the refugees who have resided in the Oinofyta camp in recent months are of Afghan origin, the rest are from Iran and Pakistan, NoBorders write. Not all refugees have been given shelter in other camps, they added.

(report in Spanish)

Athens — day 3 of hunger strike

The strikers in front of the parliament at Syntagma square demanding faster family reunification are still determined to send their message to the government(s). They are staying outdoors in pop up tents and in the cold, trying to put pressure on the asylum services to speed up the extremely slow process and give them a long-awaited solution.

Photos: Ruhi Loren


Two boats landed on Chios late last night carrying 62 (32 men, 12 women, 18 children) and 65 people (24 men, 14 women, 27 children). The situation is the same on Lesvos: two boats arrived carrying 128 people — Lesvos west, Gavathas, 62 people and Lesvos south, 66 people. A third boat was picked up off the north coast near Eftalou and taken to Skala sykaminia, with 49 people on board.


A scheme for helping 1,000 carers has been announced as the government prepares to hear the ruling in the court case regarding the end of the Dubs scheme, Guardian reports. Only 200 refugee children have been brought to the UK under the scheme, while a further 280 places offered by councils around the UK are currently unfilled, they reported earlier. Around 200 migrant children waiting to travel to the UK are currently sleeping rough in Calais and nearby port towns.

“We must put an end to desperate children jumping on lorries, risking their lives and others as they seek to reach their loved ones — as is their legal right” Ald Dubs said.

We wrote about the judicial review of the management by the Home Office and the Court of Justice ruling against it yesterday. You can watch Thursday’s debate in Parliament on Calais and unaccompanied minors in Europe here.



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