AYS DAILY DIGEST 03.11.2016 — Ultimatum hangs over the heads of East Aleppo rebels.

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A demolished building in rebel-held East Aleppo. Photo Credit: Getty Images


Drone footage taken in September shows what is left of of the rebel-held areas.

“Russia is already bombing us. This doesn’t make us scared. It won’t be that different for us if they increase their attacks.”


Khan Eshieh Palestinian refugee camp is under siege.

SNHR releases numbers of dead for the month.

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Aleppo doctor calls for donations to help hospital on the frontlines of war.


Refugees trying to enter Bulgaria are beaten on the border.

“15 passengers, 1,400 euros ($1,561) for the group. And then, finally: a time and a location pin via Google Maps. Bulgarian police, the smugglers said, would tell them to meet at a certain mile marker along the border.”

200 refugees took part in a hunger strike in Busmantsi Detention Center.

24 refugees detained by Bulgarian police.

5 men responsible for assaults on refugees arrested in Sofia.


Paramedic / nursing volunteers are needed on Chios!

Project Hope 4 Kids asks for applicants to teaching positions in Filippiada

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Long-distance Arabic, Farsi, and Kurdish translators are needed.

A total of 82 arrivals, with 71 to Lesvos and 11 to Rhodes.

Donations needed to buy clothing for refugees!

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Greek Migration Ministry general secretary resigns.


Austrian military unit sent to patrol Hungarian/Serbian border.


Police statements questioned following a “hunt” staged against refugees.


Following shutdown of Calais camp, police plans to dismantle camp in the vicinity of Stalingrad in Paris.

Transfers from Calais are being finalized.


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Some of the 605 refugees rescued today by MOAS vessels. Photo Credit: Francesco Malavolta.

At least 239 refugees were killed after two boats capsized.


Amnesty International brings attention to abuse of refugees in Italy, European Commission says that it cannot be held responsible.



Demonstration staged outside of Russian embassy in London.

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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