AYS Daily Digest 04/07/17: Slow procedures endangering people’s health

Residents of Chios’ Souda camp unable to leave island despite permits / Water shortage situations improve / False rumours of border opening in Croatia / Hungary uses electric fences / Interior ministers take wrong measures, says HRW / New ‘Jungle’ in Dunkirk / And more news…

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Residents of Moria wait for their interview. (Photo by مهاجر immigrant)

FEATURE: Hell on Chios

People on Chios not only have to face high temperatures, problems with access to water, and tough conditions in the facilities available to them—they also lack even basic support from local authorities.

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Two of the family’s tents. (Photo by Jenny)


General news and new arrivals

According to people on Chios, tap water shortages have been fixed after almost a week of problems—at least in an UNHCR/Praxis accommodation housing 33 residents.

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The situation around the hotspots is still miserable, but Europe turns a blind eye towards it. (Photo by Arash Hampay)


Volunteers in Pireaus are giving away sunshade (or suntan lotion) to be used in camps, squats, or other facilities. Each is sized 6x4m. To request some, please write an e-mail to pampiraiki@gmail.com.


During the past few days, rumours circulating about Croatia’s border opening have intensified. This is NOT true. It is unclear where the rumours originated and who is spreading them, but we implore the volunteer community to pass on the correct information to everyone.


According to a report by Politika, the Hungarian authorities have been testing the use of electrified fences with a voltage of 900 volts. Speaking to Balkan Insight, the Belgrade Centre for Protection and Help for Asylum-Seekers criticized this step as a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights. Hungarian officials defended this measure as a suitable level of security.


EU’s interior ministers come to the wrong conclusions

Human Rights Watch criticized the EU’s interior ministers for their plans to control Libya’s borders, increase returns from EU countries, and relocate people out of Italy in order the tackle the increasing number of arrivals from the Mediterranean Sea.

A show of force?

MSF ship Vos Prudence got stuck in Palermo port. It should have left to a rescue mission in the Mediterranean Sea, but during preliminary checks the port authorities found out that the machine director did not have all his papers in order. The man was supposed to substitute a colleague, off due to family reasons.

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The Prudence is at sea again. (Photo by MSF Sea)

Austrian populists prepare for elections

Vienna threatened to deploy the army along the Brennero border if Italy does not stop the migrants trying to cross it. Four armoured vehicles to be used in shoring up the border have already reached Brennero, the Ministry of Defence announced. The deployment would involve 750 soldiers (450 in Tirol, the others in Carinthia) to be deployed within three days.


New ‘Jungle’ in Dunkirk

An estimated 400–500 people are sleeping rough in Dunkirk’s forests. Even the most vulnerable groups of people—such as pregnant women and toddlers as young as one month—continue to live in unbearable conditions, with only the support of volunteers.

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The new Dunkirk ‘Jungle.’ (Photo by Kelvin B)


An unconfirmed number of Afghan asylum-seekers were deported from Finland to Afghanistan last night. According to reports the deportation took place with a charter plane, says the Afghanistan Migrants Advice & Support Org.


The Phone Credit for Refugees group is asking for money or voucher donations to continue their phone credit top-ups for people in need. For more information, see their post below:

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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