AYS Daily Digest 04/08/17: What happens after the world stops caring—Anniversary of ISIS’ genocidal campaign towards Yazidis

One criminal freed, another returned to custody as Bulgaria struggles with anti-refugee actors / Urgent updates and new hotlines in Greece / Information on solidarity actions with those imprisoned on Lesbos / Closure of Souda begins / Refugee artist stages fundraiser for Serbian child / Croatia-Serbia continuing collaboration in pushbacks / More attention in Italy / Urgent needs in France / And more news…

(Photo by Holes in the Borders)

FEATURE: The dangers of relying on fickle international concern

Thursday marked the third anniversary of the targeted campaign by ISIS/ISIL/Da’esh against Yazidi communities. On August 3rd, 2014, Da’esh attacked the city of Sinjar (Also known as Shangal) in northern Iraq, with men and boys being targeted for death and women and girls targeted for sexual abuse and slavery. This was part of a concerted campaign in order to annihilate this minority through physical and cultural genocide.

Vigil held at detention camp in Hungary (Photo by Sirius.HELP)



The tendency for anti-immigration politicians and groups to become implicated in human smuggling activities continues as Anelia Veleva, a former coordinator for a nationalist political group in Bulgaria, was returned to police custody after initially being released. Veleva was one of six who were intercepted by police on July 22nd as part of a convoy heading from Turkey to Serbia across Bulgaria, transporting refugees. In the aftermath of the detention, Veleva resigned from her position as coordinator. Read more here.



There will be a peaceful protest in support of the former hunger strike on 05/08 (Saturday). Please read below to find out if you wish to be involved and respect the wishes of the organizers.


With the announcement of the impending closure of Souda Camp, more people are taking the time to react. Most of the people will be taken to Vial, which is further out of the sight of the public.


Amurtel Greece for Refugee Mothers and Babies team is looking for a lactation consultant the last two weeks (21st of August — 1st of September). The team meets a few hundred women monthly in their facilities. Their outreach program is temporarily on hold until they get more personnel but when it is again up and running, they go out to the squats, hotels or apartments where the women live and see those who have trouble coming to the centre. They are also in great need of breast pumps. For more information and to apply, please write to AMURTEL on amurtel.gr@amurtel.org or contact them on Facebook.


A ten-year-old refugee, Farad Noory, residing in Krnjaca camp, who has made headlines for his talent for art is, with the help of Help Refugees and Refugees Foundation Serbia, putting on an exhibition of his stunning work in order to raise money for a Serbian child with brain cancer. Read more here.

What remains after a police crackdown. Photo credit: Holes in the Borders


At Tovarnik, at 5:30 in the morning on Friday, Croatian police pushed back 31 people. On the Serbian side, transport was waiting and they were taken to Preševo.


The situation in Ventimiglia at the Italian-French border has recently been getting a lot of traction in the press; however, volunteer support is still unstable as some groups are forced to withdraw and other groups are showing up. For example, Refugee Youth Service will be forced to close their project (which had been ongoing since March) on August 21st. However Refugee Rights Data Project is about to arrive.

Photo credit: Refugee Rights Data Project


Increasing police violence against volunteers as one volunteer was beaten for not presenting proper insurance paperwork.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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