AYS Daily Digest 05/10/17: Number of Afghans returned from Europe nearly tripled

Alarmphone‘s third anniversary / NGOs facing more risks in Libya / Increased sea and land arrivals in Greece / Inadequate sleeping conditions from Greece to France, help needed / Proposal to open a reception centre in Brussels / and more

“Safe passage doesn’t look like this… Until peace — could we at least issue some humanitarian visa and avoid people drowning while seeking safety?” United Rescue Aid


Number of Afghans returned from Europe nearly tripled

At a time when civilian casualties in Afghanistan are at their highest levels on record, the new report from Amnesty International says, European governments are forcing increasing numbers of asylum-seekers back to the dangers from which they fled, in brazen violation of international law.


Alarmphone‘s third anniversary

Alarmphone has been supporting people on the move since October 2014. In this period, they have dealt with more than 1840 emergency situations in the three main regions of the Mediterranean Sea. Here you can find a summary of their work so far.

Photo: Dresden-Balkan-Konvoi


NGOs are now facing risk of being targeted by air forces, besides the existing threats from Libyan Coastguard.


Turkey hosts “around 45 percent of all Syrian refugees in the region”, as EU has failed to uphold refugee promises, Daily Sabah writes. The number of Syrians seeking refuge in Turkey has reached 3,208,131 according to the Directorate General of Migration Management.


The Government is closing temporary sites and more people are staying in rented housing. However, increased sea and land arrivals land arrivals of 4,200 people this month accentuated the overcrowded conditions in island and border reception centres leading to alarming conditions and slower asylum procedures, stands in UNHCR’s latest report.


Two boats landed last night on Lesvos. First boat outside Molivos with 41 people, among which 20 children. Second boat arrived on Kagia with 37 people, 11 children, 11 women and 15 men. Three boats arrived today.
The third boat was picked up in the South carrying 52 people.


Samos Volunteers just published a press release detailing the devastating conditions and urging immediate action from Greek and European organizations.

  • People are being forced to sleep in pop-up tents and make-shift shelters outside of the camp perimeter
  • Nearly 100 unaccompanied minors live in the camp with more than 760 children there in total
Photo: Samos Volunteers



There are no sleeping bags, they are absolutely needed as winter is approaching and people are sleeping outside. Volunteers are trying to recycle sleeping bags the best way they can and Ospiti in Arrivo is supporting but still there is an absolute emergency.


Free Italian courses


Starting today, the State wants to set up a Minimal day-center, with mobile toilets and an inflatable tent in Puythouck, as a reception structure, so refugees can rest during the day, but also to convince them to leave the woods and go to the official centers, French media report [1][2]. On Monday, a bus will follow with more toilets, where coffee will be served and staff will recommend the refugees to join the official centers. Unfortunately, volunteers say, this is not solving the problem, because what is needed is an unconditional day-center or accommodation, because most of the refugees do not want to enter the French asylum system, but continue to the UK. The government is strictly against any day center of permanent camp.

Northern France

Very basic medical supplies are needed urgently:


Debates in Belgium are ongoing about a proposal to open a reception centre for asylum seekers in Brussels. Some believe that this will attract people to Brussels who will use it as a base from where to try to get to the UK, while others argue that it will keep people who wish to seek asylum in Belgium, including families and children, off the streets during the winter months, Refugee Info Bus writes. More info available here.


Accessible right to work for people in asylum process

The Irish Refugee Council asked for an opportunity to present to the taskforce looking at the issue of work in line with the Supreme Court ruling made earlier this year, and that people in the asylum process also be given this opportunity. You can help by asking your local TDs to lobby for an accessible right to work for people in the asylum process, for more information see here.

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