AYS Daily Digest 06.10.17: Moria overcrowding reaches tipping point

A report on Iraqi refugees’ movements to and from Europe // HRW publishes report on war crimes trials pertaining to Syrian Civil War // Hungarian government spreads yet another Soros conspiracy theory // Croatia to take in 150 refugees from Turkey // Switzerland signs deal to deport people to Tunisia // Judge in Lille orders eviction of camp, no alternative place of residence provided // IOM releases latest data on movement across the Mediterranean

Refugees waiting to be registered in Moria in 2015. The overcrowding of those days is once more an issue. Photo Credit: Salinia Stroux



REACH study researches Iraqi movement to Europe — and back home


HRW releases report on atrocities trials being held in Sweden and Germany


Two incidents on Samos

Truck Shop needs new coordinator in Thessaloniki starting from November

Open Space Community Center searches for volunteers



Refugees share stories of police brutality, the difficulties of life


Orbán lashes out against infringement proceedings, Hungarian media blames Soros


Croatia pledges to take in 150 refugees

Renovations to begin in Hotel Porin


Mass deportation to take place on October 10


Switzerland signs 100m franc deal with Tunisia to prevent migration


An infographic on homeless youth in Calais.

Judge orders eviction of refugees by October 13

Afghan refugee teenager needs your help!


Workshop for asylum seekers to take place in Belfast

Refugee Council releases guide for submitting homelessness applications


Report highlights the vast number of areas outside of the formal reception system

Police evict residents of makeshift camp in San Ferdinando


The latest figures on migration in the Mediterranean.

IOM releases latest infographic on migration in the Mediterranean

MEDU-Medici Per Diritti Umani creates interactive map of refugee routes

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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