AYS Daily Digest 06/12/17: Saying NO to indifference

Protests against deportations on the rise / UNHCR’s report reveals much higher numbers for sexual abuse in Syria and detention centres / Greece starts slow and symbolic process of moving people from the islands to the mainland / Help and solidarity are crucial during winter in the border areas, north of France and the big cities / Belgians against the indifference / Is Austria about to start deporting to Bangladesh? and more…

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“Stop the indifference!” — In front of a detention centre in Belgium (Photo: Sophie Devillé)


Undivided support and solidarity were visible at Terminal 1 of Frankfurt airport on Wednesday evening when about 500 people gathered to protest loudly the announced deportation of 27 people to Afghanistan.

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Photo: Fabian Scheuermann‏


Widespread rape of boys and men — a report

Men are usually not considered to be “vulnerable” in whatever context — be it the Greek islands, Lebanese camps, reception centres in Europe or the program sheet of an NGO. However, it is young boys and men who often bear the biggest stigma in society. Unfortunately, along with war and fighting, their suffering continues in their countries of origin. UNHCR has presented results and statistics related to the growing question and problem of sexual abuse. Victims have accused armed groups within Syria of carrying out mass rapes, with sexual violence often occurring in detention or prison facilities. One focus group of refugee women in Jordan estimated that between 30–40 percent of the adult men in their community were victims of sexual violence while in detention in Syria.


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It is a European, not just a Greek, responsibility

Overcrowded Lesvos needs help and volunteers

For the second consecutive winter, Greek authorities are trapping thousands of men, women and children on the Greek islands leaving them on the brink of a humanitarian emergency — says MSF

The dangerously overcrowded Moria camp on Lesvos has resulted in a wide range of serious consequences to people’s health and wellbeing.


230 people perceived as ‘vulnerable’ were transferred from Chios to Piraeus by ferry today. They will later on be lodged in different places across Greece where the UNHCR runs reception facilities. This is part of the official efforts made to contribute to easing the burden on the Aegean islands, commented the Greek media. Many people continue to arrive to the islands, still the policies remain the same and more and more people are literally squeezed into inhumane spaces…

Updated situation on unaccompanied refugee minors in Greece (statistical data as from November 30) can be found: here

Cash assistance — overview

36,135 eligible refugees and asylum seekers (16,410 households) received cash assistance in 111 locations in Greece. 44% of those are located in Athens, with 26% currently on the islands and a further 17% in Central Macedonia.
Eligibility is assessed on the basis of one’s date of entry into the country, legal status and current location. Of the 36,135 individuals who received cash assistance this month, 42% were children, 23% were women and 35% were men. The amount of cash assistance distributed to each household is proportionate to family size. It ranges between 90 euros for an individual in catered accommodation, to 550 euros for a family of seven members or more in self-catered accommodation.


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In June 2016, as part of the “Solidarity” project, SOS Childen’s Village opened an IT corner and internet access at Miksalište. Now, this corner has been transferred in the upper barrack, where educative workshops and games are held, so the refugees can access the computers and get the necessary information about their journey — Refugee Aid Miksalište


A whole county protests the deportation of four young Iraqi men

The young men (two pairs of brothers) have been living in the county of Leogang (3,300 inhabitants) for several years, and were reportedly well integrated. They work as volunteers, and some have jobs.
They might face death returning to Iraq, saying that several relatives were killed for political reasons.
After two of them received their denial, the county has been trying to help them by collecting money for the lawyer to appeal the decisions.

First Austria-Bangladesh Charter coming up?


Ventimiglia / France

Donations needed for refugees staying outdoors in Ventimiglia:
Winter clothes for men, blankets, sleeping bags, hygiene articles, cell phones/chargers/SIM-cards, food, tea, water, plastic plates/cups, medication. Donations can be dropped of in Ventimiglia, Nice or Grasse.

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Infoleaflet source: Teresa Maffeis


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Medical help is needed in the north of France

Dunkirk Refugee Women’s Centre is sharing a shout out to anyone with medical skills and a desire to use them to help refugees on the ground in Dunkirk/Calais.


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Photo: Plateforme citoyenne de soutien aux réfugiés Bruxelles


On 6 December 2016, the German Institute for Human Rights published its second annual report on the human rights situation in Germany. The topics, among others, included “Organising everyday life in communal accommodation facilities in conformity with human rights principles” and “Refugees with disabilities: Identification, Accommodation, and Care”.


A government amendment which came into force on Friday will prevent foreign workers from being deported over mistakes in their paperwork if these mistakes are corrected before they are picked up by the Migration Agency.
Read more here.

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