AYS Daily Digest 07/06/17; Upcoming evictions from three squats in Athens

Photo by Nasim Lomani.


Refugee Accomodation and Solidarity City Plaza has been holding an emergency meeting to coordinate and discuss the rumors about an upcoming eviction of three squats in Athens. They will also organize their resistence if these rumors would become reality.

Photo: Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza
Photo: Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza


Syrian refugee families will soon lack cash assistance, UN warns

Up to 60,000 Syrian refugee families in Jordan and Lebanon are risking to be without financial support as soon as in July. One of the reasons is that the UNHCR are seriously underfunded in this response. Contributions are needed in order to be able to cover all of this peoples needs and future well being. Refugees interviewed are clearly worried, saying that the cash assistance provided by the UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees is their way not to lose their dignity and to have food and shelter throughout the months they are being forcibly dicplaced. At this point, more than four million Syrian refugees are living in the neighbouring countries.


A system on breaking point

The similarities between the European Asylum system’s functions, such as the Dublin regulation, and playing ping pong with humans are way to many. Numerous of people are more or less floating around in an EU-limbo right now. Member states within the union has different asylum systems and also different statistics about how many people from different nationalities that gets to stay.


The Chair of Amnesty International, Taner Kiliç, was arrested by Turkish authorities on the 6 June 2017. He has been outspoken about refugees rights and Turkeys questionable treatment of the people seeken refuge within the country. This arrest shows, yet again, that Turkey isn’t a safe place for people with opinions that aren’t in line with the regimes.


Nils Muiznieks, the Council of Europe’s commissioner for human rights, is concerned over the reports of collective deportations of refugees and migrants from Greece to Turkey. He puts pressure on Athens to cease these illegal events. In a statement on his facebook page, picked up by Ekathimerini today, he says that it is Greece obligation to make sure that those arriving on their shores in an effective way can seek asylum. Denying someone the right of doing so is not only not solidarity, but also against international law. Including the UN Refugee Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Important update about renewing expiering resident permits

Information from the Greek Asylum Service:
International protection beneficiaries whose residence permits expire on
DECEMBER 2017 are invited from June 6 2017 until July 10th 2017 to
2) ONE RECENT PASSPORT PHOTO in DIGITAL FORM that will be attached to the application


Update about the aftermath of Eliniko eviction

The eviction of Elliniko has had some impacts in numbers of residents in other camps, including the newly formed Thiva camp, that according to official numbers has 334 people living there. Malakasa camp increased from 680 to 764 residents, and some people might have been moved there. The Malakasa camp is just as the Elliniko camp was and Afghan camp so it is very likely that some people ended up there, but the lack of official information makes it hard to know for sure what the sudden increase of residents there could be an impact of. The numbers in Kavala has during the last days also increased. From 188 to 244, but this is more unlikely to be connected to the Ellinico eviction. The Derveni camp is still a bit of a mystery where there are rumors about that 140 people could have been taken. It is supposed to be west of Athens by the sea, but there are very limited information available about this. If someone knows more, we’re happy to receive more information.



This message came from dedicated long term volunteers on Lesvos today, about an incident on the island with racists trying to intervene and sabotage life saving missions and threathen those coming to help out.

Photo and comment from: Eric Kempson
  • You will scan the sea looking for coming refugees boats at the Turkish/greek border
  • You must have a good level of English and understand the crucial role of spotting for refugee response, good eye vision and driving skills/licence
Photo: Refugee Rescue


Souda camp remains overcrowded. The situation is detorating and a new informal tent camp is poping up on the outside. If meassures aren’t taken soon there is no sign of that the situation will change, since people will continue fleeing as long as there are persecution, violence and war going on in their home countries. Chios remains one of the places with worst conditions for it’s residents, and new arrivals every day.


We have gotten information about that the border police in Bosnia arrested 2 persons of Indian origin while trying to cross the border illegally in Doljani, Capljina area, south Herzegovina. The path through Bosnia hasn’t been that trafficked, since it isn’t the most desirable way and not a part of the EU, but with border closures people and smugglers only will get even more creative.


Two sisters from Iraq, age 9 and 11, went missing from Ljubljana, Slovenia. They came to Slovenia as asylum seekers with their mother, but as their mother is not able to take care of them due to illness they live in a foster family, who launched a police search after them, suspecting they went to Germany.


Tunisian smugglers caught

A Tunisian smuggler ring has been busted, Reuters reports. The Tunisian smugglers have been taking much higher prices for reaching Italy than the more common Libyan ones, according to the article. The Libyan smugglers usually charges prices between 800–1300 US Dollars in comparision with the Tunisians that are taking 3,379 US Dollars.

Violence and neglect in Italy

Besides the smuggler ring, we have recieved several reports about violence in Italy. In Pordenone there has come reports about that asylum seekers are being treated as trash, first being told one thing and after that another one. Completely without respect for the individuals.


News from Dunkirk and Calais

Early yesterday morning there was yet another eviction in France, Dunkirk. The horrible storm conditions didn’t stop the police to force people to move. The Care4Calais team responded instantly and went out in the bad weather to provide those evicted with their thickest blankets and other neccessities. Among the evicted people there was both men, women and children. Everyone kind, thankful but vulnerable. When this game of violating people and harrassing them will stop no one knows, but it is an terrible act by the police to continue to force people, expelled and left out of the European so celled wellfare system, to move. And to continue doing so time after time.

Photo: Care4Calais


Relocation is as most people, especially those it concerns the most, still slow. Germany is, along with almost every other single state in EU, very much behind with receiving the promised quotas. In 2017, 2423 refugees from Greece have been transferred to Germany, though Germany is supposed receive 28,000 until end of september this year. Also family reunification is taking a slow path: of 5,000 applications in 2016 and Q1 2017, 739 families were allowed to reunify in 2016 and 837 in Q1 2017.


An updated version of a guide that was first released in 2013 about children and young peoples rights to asylum in UK has been released. If you are affected of this or know someone that is, it could be found very useful to be able to easier navigate in the complicated system of rules. It also goes through the differences between having one parent from UK, being borned in the country and different kinds of protection statuses and what they mean.



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