AYS DAILY DIGEST 07.09.2017:Human Cruelty — the cost of current “migration management”

Registration updates in Greece and call for action in Crete // Volunteer opportunities in Greece and Serbia // Call to support anti-deportation action in Austria // Needs list for urgent support in France // Loan project in UK // Finland deports another

Feature: Human Cruelty — the cost of current “migration management”

Several groups of humanitarian workers and activists are trying to bring awareness to the corruption and dangerous collaboration between European leaders and Libyan officials in encouraging the harming of refugees setting out from Libya.



#REGISTRATIONS (Official) 6.9.


Around 73 people arrived to Crete today, with 100 being transported from Crete to Athens. It is clear that there is continued effort to transport people from the islands to the mainland.


Continued distressing reports coming from Samos.


Pampiraiki runs the Elliniko warehouse which is the central humanitarian aid hub in Athens, receiving supplies from volunteer-groups abroad and distributing to refugees in camps, self-managed shelters, daycenters, flats etc.
If you live near Elliniko and can assist in the management of the warehouse and the distribution with your car or our vans, as a regular volunteer, please send an email to pampiraiki@gmail.com or call us on +306906408586 (Whatsapp)
We are open Tuesday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


TruckShop has announced a new project that will soon be active in Serbia — a mobile washing and drying facility! It is being co-sponsored by MSF and will be able to be moved to different locations, hopefully reducing the incidences of skin disease both inside and outside the camps in Serbia. Read mere below.

Photo credit: TruckShop
Photo Credit: TruckShop



Photo credit: Calais Action


The Dunkirk / Dunkerque Refugee Women’s Centre put out a call for sleeping bags and tents. With the change in weather towards fall, it means better and more secure warm accommodation is necessary, but sadly lacking for many refugees. Sleeping bags and tents are almost always in demand through the fall and winter months (it is important they are cold-weather sleeping bags), but due to their expense, they are very rare to get. Please consider starting to raise funds and find suppliers NOW so that a constant supply can be provided wherever they are needed, in France or beyond. For a full list of what is needed at the Dunkirk/Dunkerque Refugee Women’s Centre, go here.


Help Refugees announced another project that is assisting refugees in getting requalified for their profession. This project is a collaboration with RefuAid and provides refugees with interest-free loans, allowing them to get the necessary education and training to transfer their previous skill sets to their new home. This and other job training programs are an actionable way to help welcome refugees into your community. Read fully about the program here.


According to activists in Finland, six more individuals of Afghan nationality were deported the night prior. Follow Afghanistan Migrants Advice & Support Org for more information.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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