AYS Daily Digest 08/08/17: Afghan youths in Sweden have had enough of the deportations

“If you believe I have the right to a life come sit with me”. Photo: AYS


Stop the deportations!

In the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, an unusual scene is taking place, only a couple of hundred meters from the Parliament at a square called Mynttorget, just next to the castle. There are sleeping bags and colourful blankets on the ground, where people are lying down to have a rest. Others are standing up around and between them in reflective vests. The people here are Afghan youths, most of them unaccompanied minors, who have had enough: they will continue their sit-in outside of the Parliament in central Stockholm until the deportations stops.

Photos: AYS

“But my conviction this morning clearly shows the limits of the independence of French Justice and the political manipulation in the courts. While at present extreme right-wing vessels sail on the Mediterranean to sink the vessels of the NGOs, a farmer is being criminalized as a substitute for the state’s failure.” — Cedric Hero

The innocent prisoners are released on Lesvos!

Photo: Mosaik Support Center

“After three months in unlawful detention, Bahrooz Aresh and Khozin Hussein were released by court order. Arash Hampay has broken his hunger strike on its 41st day.”

More information and a recap of the recent months here.


As of 2 pm today, the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms vessel Golfo Azzuro still remains in international waters. It is still being refused the right to dock at Malta, as has been the case since this Sunday. Meanwhile, the vessel has been threatened and harassed by the Libyan coastguard, which has been firing gunshots. Yesterday the EU-financed and trained Libyan coastguard was firing guns at the vessel.


Refugee Info Buss is in need of donations to keep on going. They are providing refugees with much needed information on a daily basis and have been doing so for a long time. They are working in France and Greece to provide everyone with info and wifi to be able to connect with loved ones they are separated from in the situation created by the world.


A new report from Heinrich Boell Foundation examines the connection between oppression and lack of food, where food discrimination is used to control women. Food is a mean of social power.


EU nations will start the process of Dublin returns to Greece, Ekathimerini reports. This is due to “improved standards” in Greece. Some member states have made requests, but no returns have taken place yet. As reported under the headline Germany, they seem to be one of the first member states to take action. The returns have a symbolic value, according to the Greek Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas, but no further explanation was provided.

Photo: Help Refugees
Photo: The Get Shit Done Team


Info Park has been doing workshops for girls and women in two camps in Serbia, Pirot and Divljana. The workshops have been all about empowerment and sharing modern views on gender equality, prevention of violence against women and knowing one’s rights and worth. Read more here about the work.

Photo: Info Park


Refugee children in Spain are held in detention-like facilities. The immigration detention centers are for adults, and not even preferable for them. The reason for this is that the Spanish authorities have wrongly recognized them as adults. In seven cases humanitarian organizations and lawyer associations have been raising concerns about the treatment of refugee kids, in order to accomplish some positive change to the current situation where their human rights are at risk.


Stop the deportation!

Photo: Humans for Rights Network


The Spanish NGO Proactiva Arms declares that gunfire hit its vessel, shot by a Tripoli patrol boat in front of the Libyan coast, but in international waters. According to the Spanish crew, “the Libyan coast guards financed by Italy and Europe have threatened us aggressively, even shooting at head height. Our vessel was 13 miles off the Libyan shore, out of the Libyan waters. It was a deplorable act”.


The young Syrian boy Bahez, who was hurt in a gas explosion last November in Moria camp, is now okay. He has been given healthcare and is now well again after the incident. He and his family are now in Switzerland, where their asylum application has been quickly evaluated and accepted.


In Germany they do not seem to think that being gay is a big enough problem or sufficient reason to grant someone protection. They claim Iraq is safe for LGBT people to return to, but according to those fleeing for that reason it is not.

Dublin returns on the increase

For the first time in five years, Germany will start to deport newly arrived refugees back to Greece, where the government is preparing to get ready to take back people, راهنمای پناهندگان Refugee.Info دليل اللاجئ reports. The decision to return people will only affect those who arrived in Germany after 15th March 2017, not the people who came before that date. The Greek Migration Minister Yannis Mouzalas said on Monday that the Greek authorities have began to take back a “small number” of returnees from Germany. It was in December 2016 that it became clear that countries in the EU could start to send newly arrived people back to Greece under the Dublin regulation


FWRD — Festival Waste Reclamation and Distribution is calling all humans to help collect items and make a difference for somebody else:


There is a hunger strike ongoing in Scotland. Today marks the 24th day. It’s in solidarity with the imprisoned refugees in Moria detention center at Lesvos. When the encouraging news reached this guy, he also cancelled his solidarity act. A bit too late to be a happy end, but still.

Photo: Ben Jackson


This flyer is used by activists in Denmark with the purpose of informing asylum-seekers that “no deportation” exists. These flyers are neutral enough for the asylum centers to allow them, and the hotline is on 24h. Activists will help raise media awareness and give information out to people at the airport when deportations are taking place. It only takes one individual in the plane to refuse. This could serve as inspiration to other countries and activists working there, in order to prevent deportations.


The situation for asylum seekers in this northern country continues to be rough. The number of appeals is expected to rise this year and reach record levels. This has several reasons, according to Fredrik Beijer at the Migration Agency. One of the reasons is that the recognition rate is lower now, hence the need to appeal has increased with the number of rejected people. In comparison with 2015, the number in 2017 will be three times higher. Last year, in 2016, 24,000 appeals were lodged with the court. In the court in Malmö alone, more than 5400 cases have been evaluated so far this year, which is an increase of more than 50 percent compared to last year. There will soon be more courts that only focus on asylum- and migration-related issues, since they in general take the most time.

Photo: Ung i Sverige



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