AYS Daily Digest 08/08/2018: Damning report on huge increase in deaths at sea and detention in Libya

Mass arrests in Morocco / Malta continues to block sea rescues / Libya : Fears and risks of trafficking in 7th most dangerous country in world / Germany creates first refugee deportation agreement with Spain

Photo: Gabriel Tizon on Twitter — “A few days ago we had to help a Syrian woman when she was giving birth in a store in Bosnia. This is Anisse, a beautiful girl who for her parents symbolizes “to continue fighting for a dignified life”

Amnesty International calls on European leaders to take responsibility in light of surging death toll.

While the number of people attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea in a bid to reach a port of safety in Europe has dropped, the number of deaths at sea has increased.

The fortress model of Europe is at odds with human rights.

In response to common myths and misconceptions SeaWatch summarises Amnesty report in a thread:


As deportation to Libya continues, the Global Peace Index ranks Libya as the 7th most dangerous country in the world.


Watch the Med reports mass arrests in Nador. 500 arrested and 15 vans planned to move migrants the to south of the country.

Watch the Med reports that 500 Sub-Saharan migrants have been detained at a police station in Nador.



Malta continues to block NGO vessels from leaving to mount sea rescues.


LESVOS: Campaign to save PIKPA camp continues.



CEAR are looking for staff at new centres in Spain.


MSF mobile clinic will be held on Thursday between 10 am and 4 pm at the Porte de la Chapelle and d’Aubervilliers gates in Paris.


Germany to deport refugees to Spain.


Businessman to pay fines for women after niqab-ban


DEMOS: LGBT protests against deportations


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