AYS DAILY DIGEST 09/10/2017: Crash in Maltese waters claims at least 8 lives, 20 missing

Deadly Crash in Maltese Waters//Strikes in Turkey//New Arrivals, Music workshop, and Volunteer opportunities//Donation needs in Greece//Refugees Stranded in Libya, at the mercy of militias supported by EU governments//Impending crisis in France due to lack of Support on Streets // Victory for Sudanese Refugees in Belgium! //Refugees Caps Discussed in Germany in attempt to court Right Wing

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Syrian workers in Turkey have been organizing strikes with their Turkish co-workers to demand fair pay and treatment; as a result of this several Syrian refugees have been threatened with deportation. The movement started in Adana, but has since spread to several cities, including Izmir. The story linked is merely one example of the difficult conditions many migrants are forced to work under when they are protected neither by citizenship status nor labor laws. Many international and local NGOs have repeatedly spoken out about the abuse of cheap Syrian labor and how, in particular, children have been exploited in the Turkish textile industry.

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There were 147 new arrivals on the island of Chios today, with three boats coming in to the island.

Reposting general information of UNHCR eligibility criteria in Greece


The organization “A Drop in the Ocean” has a list of needed Winter items for their work in Nea Kavala that you can see here.


Once again, we see how the will to act begins and ends with prioritizing borders over the safety and security of humans.

In response to this heightened power of the Al-Ammu militia, a second militia group known as the Anti-ISIS Operation Room wrested control of the area. Following the clash between the militias, thousands of refugees were found stranded throughout the city. Libya has taken these refugees out of the smuggler’s camps where they were found, and into detention centres, the same detention centres that have been repeatedly condemned as abhorrently inhumane by various human rights organizations.

Refugees in Seriba. Photo credit, No Name Kitchen See their update at the link.


Refugees are still trapped in Calais and attempting to get into the UK. They desperately need boots and warm clothes for the winter, which various NGO’s are working to provide. Care4Calais posted a fundraiser for boots, which we know are an crucial and ongoing neeed to prepare for winter. Boots are especially important in consideration of repeated reports of trenchfoot throughout the summer and fall. If you wish to support their efforts, click here to donate.

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A tribunal in Liege has announced that the forced deportation of Sudanese people back to their country of origin is illegal, given the the immense threats these people face back in their homeland. Furthermore, the tribunal has announced that the deportation of Sudanese refugees back to their EU country of entry under the Dublin agreement is also illegal, given the risk of further deportation from these countries.


Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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