AYS daily digest 1/7/2018: Norway deports a journalist to Kabul, he comes back only to be beaten by Croatian police

Minister Salvini calls European nationalists to unite against refugees // Lifeline captain to appear in court, could be facing imprisonment // Refugees evicted from Sarajevo train station area // Afghans complain to the European Commission against Dublin deportations to Bulgaria // Food distribution denied in Dunkirk // Refugee children held in detention in Switzerland

He paid 200 euros for this phone in Greece. Police in Croatia destroyed it mercilessly. Photo: AYS

Feature: Croatian police find new ways to torture refugees

The 21-year-old J is not only back in Sarajevo for the second time, but also back in Europe, after being deported from Norway to Kabul in early 2017.

— They (Norway/EU) have taken everything from me, I have nothing in Afghanistan — he says.

They put us in a big, closed car and drove one hour. After that, we reached the forest and he was going fast in the car and then he braked several times. They think we are animals — J says about Croatian police.

It was so scary. One of the policemen broke the phone and the other one was laughing. We asked for water, but they did not give us anything. Then they said that we have to walk back to Bosnia.

The policemen were smart. He beat me inside the car, with the car, instead of with his hands. The police were thinking that in this way I could not report them.

We were lucky. We only had 30 euros. The local person was kind but he wanted too much money — he says.

J. shows AYS volunteers where he was before being caught by Croatian police. Photo: AYS

I was in Norway for almost two years but then I was deported back to Kabul, just after turning 18, he explains and continues, they put me in a detention center for two months.

I have lost everything, I have started drinking and smoking, otherwise, I’ll go crazy. They (Norway) have broken my life.



This is the boat that the ten people used to get to Chios. Photo Credit: AYS



Complaint against Bulgaria presented to the European Commission
by 14 Afghan asylum seekers


Refugees evicted from Sarajevo train station area

Empty train station awaits the opening ceremony for the new train track towards Bihać. Photo: AYS

Head of Federal police visits Bihać and Velika Kladuša: “Security is not a problem, humanitarian situation is a problem”

Dragan Lukać (left) ensured local people that they won’t be left alone in this crisis. Photo: volunteers

Security is under control, police officers are doing their best, but the humanitarian aspect is far out of control. The images from camps are horrible, these are no conditions to accommodate animals, let alone people. Federal and international institutions mustn’t allow this — Lukać said after visiting Velika Kladuša and Bihać.

Many families are forced to sleep in makeshift camps at Bosnian side of the Border. Photo: volunteers


Minister Salvini calls European nationalists to unite against refugees


Food distribution denied in Dunkirk

Police officers denying access to volunteers in Grand Synth (Dunkirk). Photo: Refugee Community Kitchen
L’Auberge des Migrants and Médecins du Monde France stepped up and served food on Friday. Photo: Refugee Community Kitchen

What it takes for French police to intervene?

Only after 30 people decided to take matter in their own hands, French police decided to appear. Photo: D.H.


Children of failed asylum seekers being locked up illegally

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