AYS Daily Digest 10/06/2017: Pregnant woman and 31 children among those rescued at sea

More than 100 people missing after boat sinks near the Libyan border / Boat with 31 children under 5 years old on board saved at sea / New deportations from Greece / Pan-European far-right group strengthening its network in Europe / Traffickers indicted in Bulgaria / Alarming situation in camp at Hungarian border / France continues deportations to Afghanistan



The Libyan Coast Guard rescued over 480 people at sea off the coast of Azzawya today. Despite their efforts, at least eight people drowned and over 100 are still missing. These recent events add to the more than 900 people rescued off the coast of Libya on this past Thursday and Friday alone.

Photo by @SeaWatch


More people arrived in Greece today. Two boats arrived on the shores of Lesvos today, one early this morning carrying 13 people on board, including four children. A second boat arrived in the afternoon with 55 people on board.

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Can I check if I can collect my relocation decision, Greek residence permit, or travel document?


The situation in Serbia for refugees and migrants is getting worse. People who lived in barracks during the entire winter and relocated across the country at the beginning of May are slowly coming back to Belgrade. Groups of volunteers in Serbia are trying to help those who are stuck in the streets, among them a Syrian family with three kids.


Local media are reporting an account of two Bulgarians and one Afghan man who are charged with human trafficking after nine people died when a minibus crashed in southern Bulgaria weekend before. The driver, who also died in the accident, was 16-year old Bulgarian who did not even hold a driver’s license. One of the Bulgarians was also charged with causing death through negligence.


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From MigrationAid:


People from Afghanistan are increasingly facing arrest and detention across the country, local activists are reporting. This year, the number of Afghans in detention centers has risen to 80, with six of them are facing deportation to Kabul soon. Several flights have been booked for June, despite reports from Afghanistan about an increase of hostilities across the country.

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