AYS Daily Digest 10/07/17: Waiting and hoping in Serbia

News from Sjenica, Serbia: 200 hundred people waiting / Protests in Greece / No positive decision on asylum in Serbia since start of 2017 / Number of new arrivals on Spain’s southern coast more than doubles compared to last year / Neo-Nazis sentenced in Sweden / And more news…

More than 90 children are living in an improvised camp in Sjenica, Serbia (Photo: AYS)

FEATURE: Over 200 people waiting in Sjenica, Serbia

Over 200 people, including more than 90 kids, are living in an improvised asylum centre in Sjenica in the Sandzak area near the border with Montenegro. The centre is run by the Commissariat for Refugees and Migrants and—like in most camps in the country—there are no volunteers working on site.


SAWA for Development and Aid has started a healthcare service & dental care in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon.


Another day and another protest in Moria. Rock has been thrown, and tear gas, and fights have erupted between police and refugees. Euro Relief warehouse on site was on fire.

Photo by United Rescue Aid
Photo Arash Hampay.

Mobile Info Team for refugees in Greece


According to the UNHCR data, there is 5,479 refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants in Serbia now, which is over 1000 less than two months ago. Over 90 percent are in 18 government-controlled centers, where living conditions could be hardly called humane. Some centers, especially those in Adasevci, Principovac and Sombor remained overcrowded.

Every day life in Sid. Photo: No Name Kitchen


Official data are showing that the number of people arriving in Spain’s southern coast more than doubled in 2017 from last year.


The Calais authorities have appealed the decision of the court in Lille demanding access to water, sanitation and hygiene provisions as well as access to protection for minors. The appeal will be heard in the Conseil d’Etat, and the lawyers representing a collective of 11 organizations including Help Refugees are working hard to prepare and defend the court’s initial decision.


Three men with ties to the Swedish neo-Nazi movement were sentenced on Friday to up to eight and a half years in prison for bomb attacks, including the one in an asylum center, in western Sweden over the past year.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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