AYS DAILY DIGEST 11/01/18: EuroRelief: Evangelical organisation providing more harm than aid to refugees

A inside look into the operations of Eurorelief //Ghouta civilians dying from preventable diseases // Arrests and deportations in Libya // Rescues at Sea // Demonstrations in Cyprus// News from Greece// Serbia//Italy// Hungary// France and more…

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Moria bad. Moria prison. Photo by Kevin McElvaney

Feature: A look into the main Organisation providing “aid” to refugees in Greece’s most notorious detention centre.

Who are they? How did they get there? What is their agenda?

They are represented as the ‘humanitarian arm’ of a bigger organisation known as Hellenic Ministries.

EuroRelief is HM’s humanitarian arm, dedicated to providing first responder and extended help in natural disasters throughout the region. — Hellenic Ministries Home Page

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Moria is a hell. Moria is a Prison. People are living in filth. Families with children are sleeping outside in the middle of winter in summer tents. Last winter seven people died in Moria due to the cold. Photos by Kevin McElvaney

We asked another refugee whether EuroRelief work with the authorities:

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Housing boards showing the breakdown of housing units. As you can see nationalities of residents are shown. Source: peacepapergirl.wordpress.com


Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) say doctors and civilians are risking their lives every day to receive treatment for their loved ones.

Statement by SAMS reports that over 600 patients remain on the medical evaluation list in the besieged area of Ghouta.


Dozens of migrants in Libya have been arrested and are facing deportation:

A report by Reuters reveals that 81 persons from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia who have escaped from the hands of smugglers after failing to reach Europe have been arrested and are to be deported.


News of a group of people in a rubber boat off the coast of Foça requesting help at 23:50.


Already over 60 deaths in 2018

Yesterday Sea Watch conducted their first rescue operation of the year saving over 90 people. Today the Aquarius welcomed Nigerian actress Stephanie Linus as she attempts to raise awareness for the exploitation of Nigerian Women.


Ahmed Solidarity Group continues to protest for Freedom of Ahmed H.

Ahmed is a Syrian refugee currently in Cyprus who attempted to cross the border in September 2015 to help his family. When Hungary closed its borders the police responded with violence and Ahmed along with 11 other people was arrested. He was charged as the leader of the protest and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Currently retrials are going on.

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Source: Ομάδα αλληλεγγύης για τον Άχμετ / Ahmed solidarity group

The EU:

Joint statement by “Southern Seven”

The leaders of Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain — known collectively as the “Southern Seven” — released a joint statement following a meeting in Rome saying they were “firmly committed to a common European policy on migration.”
They agreed on the need to strengthen the EU’s external border, tackle human smugglers and combat the sources of migration, such as poverty and conflict, in origin countries.
Leaders also suggested other member states needed to do more to help those countries that receive the most migrants.


Arrivals and transfers continue on Aegean Islands

Numbers of arrivals and transfers from the islands have remained consistent for the start of 2018 and a total of 803 refugees refugees arrived to the northern Aegean islands in the first ten days of January. The Turkish Coast Guard has also announced on its official website that it has already intervened 18 incidents in January and returned 760 people to Turkey.

Vial Hotspot will not close, says Immigration Minister

As tensions due to overcrowding continue in the notorious Vial hotspot on Chios, the Migration Minister told disgruntled residents on the eastern Aegean island on Chios on Thursday that the centre will not close.

The Hope project that provides aid to refugees in Moria is urgently in need of help.

To see a list of most needed items please follow this link.

Volunteers are needed on Lesvos:

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Refugee Info Bus provides crucial information on AMKA: Greek social security card. Please watch and share this video.

New arrivals to Katsikas Camp

96 New arrivals in the early hours of this morning. 30 from Chios and 69 from Lesvos.

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Source: Refugee Support Europe

The Idira Centre in Thessaloniki is now open — and looking for support

The Idira centre provides many interesting and engaging activities for refugees stuck in Thessaloniki. These include zumba, yoga, making a recycled bags, cooking and socialisation. You can support them here.

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Reports that police plan to evict 46 occupied buildings in Athens


For two years, the Farao Matricola clan of the Calabria-based mafia organization the ‘Ndrangheta ran and made money off a 150-bed migrant center for unaccompanied minors.

Reports say the center, called Casa Sant’Antonio, was fully controlled by the illegal organization and was used by it for high-level meetings between its members. Every aspect was under the control of the mafia-type group: all the supplies, clothing and food were from companies linked to the clan, which saw their profits rise suddenly and inexorably.


Key asylum figures from Hungary in 2017 remain low


Sign petition to end border Deaths in Calais

Help Refugees are in need of donations of tents for Calais

Please follow this link to see how you could help.

Informal Camp at St. Denis evicted and refugees left on the street

Today the informal camp at st Denis, Paris, was cleared up again. Prgs reported that around 400 refugees had to leave the area and many lost all their possessions that were just trashed like always. What was thought initially as being an evacuation to take the people to centres was really just an eviction so everyone is still on the street.


Be Aware And Share — BAAS are collecting physical donations for homeless refugees in Paris.


Donation collection for Northern France in Birmingham

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