AYS Daily Digest 11/05/2017: Naval force jeopardizes volunteers and refugees

Lybian navy puts Sea-Watch crew and guests at risk. Miserable conditions for people stuck on Chios and new deportations taking place. Barracks in Belgrade demolished. Germany sees increase of Turkish asylum seekers. Frightening reports from Italy. Support needed in Calais and Paris.

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Footage of the incident. Screenshot: Sea-Watch Video, Credits: Raoul Kopacka


I thought now they are sinking our ship.” The moment, when a patrol vessel of the Libyan navy nearly collided into boat of the Sea Watch was horrific for captain Ruben Lampert. A surveillance camera captured the scene, showing how close the patrol was and put all people on board at risk.


The Syrian Network for Human Rights released it’s new report, documenting some of the worst violations in the Syrian war in April 2017:



A resident of Vial camp, Chios, reports, that UNHCR stopped the bus connection from the camp to the city, unless they have an appointment. They had no running water and receive only 90 Euro to live. The situation on Samos seems to be similar: Resident reportedly get only four liters of water a week (!) and have to face hygenic troubles.


RTI is inviting everyone to participate at their cultural sensitivity workshop. It will take place on 16th May 17.00 o’clock at Solidarity Now location in Thessaloniki. During these 2.5 hours they want to build an understanding of cultural difference so that volunteers can better meet the challenges of cross- cultural work. Participants are asked to fill out this sign-up sheet.


While it was reported that the eviction of the barracks in Belgrade will be done within a couple days, authorities apparently prefered a short process. BelgrAid complains, that “the residents were not given sufficient notice to leave the area”. Most of them were taken to six open structures across Serbia. But some are still residing in the Serbian capital with unknown future.

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The barracks are demolished. Credits: BelgrAid
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Language course in Belgrade. Credits: Refugee Aid Miksalište


In 2017 the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) so far has worked on more than 1600 asylum applications of Turkish citizens. Some 18% have been answered positively. Last year the quota was around 8%. Most of the asylum seekers are kurds.
Since the coup attempt in Turkey around 400 people with diplomat or green IDs asked for asylum, reports “Die Welt” (via DLF).


Six to eight beds per room, no warderobes, no electricity, no windows holes in the ceiling and water on the floor when it rains: These are the conditions in the reception center of San Martino, runned by the Red Cross, described by Il Secolo XIX. Set up as a temporarily shelter, people are usually staying for around six months in the former hospital.

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The new Baobab place in Rome. Credits: AYS volunteer


Help Refugees reports a sharp increase of people in Calais and Dunkirk. Alone during the last week they supplied 700 people with some 18 000 items. Under the lead of Refugee Youth Service they also set up a child protection team.

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Volunteers distributing goods in Calais. Credits: Help Refugees
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Impressions from the eviction. Credits: Care4Calais


The government decided to prolong the border controls from today. The governments decision means that the Swedish border controls in Skåne, Västra Götaland and at Öresundsbron will be in use as long as the EU-ministers decides they are needed. The European Comission has adviced them to be prolonged for at least another six months.


In 2016 some 63 000 unaccompanied minors have been registered in the EU. More than 50 percent have them came from Syria (19%) and Afghanistan (38%). This number means a decrease of around one third but is still five times higher compared to the average of the previous years, an EU report reveals.

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Key findings of AOAV. Credits: Action on Armes Violence

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