AYS Daily Digest 11/08/17: C-Star boat helped by NGO rescue ship

C-Star ship saved by NGO rescue ship / Hundreds died in US attack on Raqqa / More people arrive in Greece / Italian government continues to prosecute people who are saving lives / Protest in Sweden continues with more people joining / And more news…

When you risk your life for a passport (Illustration by Khalid Albais, Art Against)

FEATURE: C-Star boat saved by NGO rescue ship

Life is really funny sometimes, so funny that it is hard to believe. The fascist boat C-Star was in distress off the coast of Libya, having engine problems, and the closest ones who could help were people from an NGO rescue ship.


The war in Syria is still raging. This time, media are reporting about hundreds of victims after the US-led strikes in the region of Raqqa. The reports, as The Guardian writes, are not definitively confirmed “but are considered reliable by UN officials”.


UN Migration Agency, reports that 117,795 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2017 through 9 August. Most of the people arrived in Italy.


The increase of people arriving in Greece is still very noticeable. Today volunteers informed us about one refugee boat that arrived on the South coast of Lesvos in the morning with eight men, six women and nine children on board. Almost at the same time, one refugee boat carrying 54 people arrived on Chios this morning, including 20 children. The people on the boat were from Syria, Yemen, Kuwait, Morocco, and Iraq. With the latest arrivals, it brings the total up to 208 new arrivals only on Chios this week.

Arrival (Photo by Pothiti Kitromilidito Chios Eastern Shore Response Team — Info Point)
Writing found on a bench in Koutsochero camp…”This is life? Worst day after day.” Although many of the families here in Koutsochero have received asylum in Greece, they have still not reached real safety-they are living in a remote and desolate camp, with no opportunities to build skills or find employment. Our work aims to make life in this camp a bit brighter for the people who are having to live here-but real solutions are needed. No one should live in a camp! By InterVolve.

Volunteer opportunities

The Unmentionables group in Greece is looking for people to fill their new new Education Coordinator and Logistics Coordinator positions.


Once again, news about the prosecution of those who are saving lives. The Italian authorities are investigating an Eritrean human rights activist, Don Mossie Zerai, who was a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015. He is being investigated by the Trapani public prosecutor for “facilitating clandestine immigration”.


Pierre Henry, DG of France asylum, visited on Thursday the Vallée Valley and Cédric Herrou, and he wrote about Cédric and his farm, saying that despite the ridiculous court decision, he plans to continue helping people.

(Photo by Frace Terre D’Asil)


Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her intention to cooperate more closely with Libya to decrease the number of people crossing the sea and entering the EU.


Volunteers continue to organize food distribution in front of the Office des Étrangers (Foreigners Office) in the heart of Europe.

(Photos by Loïc Fraiture)


The protest in Stockholm, at the Medborgarplatsen square, is still going on, and more and more people are joining in. So far, even though the protesters have called them all, only politicians from the Green party have been visiting them. No other of the political parties — including leftist ones — have come to support them. But many citizens are with them, and that is the most important thing.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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