AYS DAILY DIGEST 11/09/2017: Seeds of violence bear bad fruit…

UN commissioner on human rights speaks out about violence against refugees, but where does action start and where do words end? // Violence on Chios as 350 police storm the camp // Protests on Samos about squalid living conditions // Increase in passage from Macedonia to Serbia // Refugees and migrants trapped in a cycle of violence in Libya // Xenophobic misinformation in Italy // More police presence and monitoring in France // Police descend and arrest refugees waiting in line for food.

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FEATURE: The banal bureaucracy of violence against refugees

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights made a statement today addressing his continued deepening concern over flagrant abuses of human rights around the world. He paid special attention to Libya, stating:


More than ten days ago near Izmir. A bus carrying Iraqi and Syrian refugees overturned. The refugees were heading to the starting point at the Aegean Sea to set out to the Greek islands. The bus driver was under the influence of alcohol and the bus, then, collided with an electrical pole, resulting in the death of a Kurdish woman and injuring most passengers with fractures and serious injuries.

Helpful guide on preventing hypothermia by United Rescue Aid


Statewatch highlighted some of the most disturbing aspects of the first annex to the 7th report on the implementation of the EU-Turkey deal.


In an unsettling follow up to the police actions on Saturday on Lesvos, there was a stunning and violent police action today in Souda camp on Chios. Twenty-three were transferred to the police station and four of these were arrested, three of them for possessing knives, one for possessing “untaxed cigarettes,” according to Theurgia Goetia.


There were around 131 new arrivals to Lesvos, according to Advocates Abroad, 40 of them were children. Additionally, 27 were rescued near Kos.


There were protests today on Samos against the horrific living conditions there, conditions which we wrote about here.


According to Legis, the number of people who passed from Macedonia to Serbia jumped in August from 45 to 72, July and August respectively. This is still not the sharpest increase which was from June to July, 9 to 45. Also for August, there were no registered pushbacks.


Arrivals to Italy have dropped significantly in the wake of the policy change on July 16th, however a correspondent covering North Africa has grisly, uncomfortable details on the developing situation in Libya that shows there is another side to this story.


Some outlets of the Italian media have accused refugees and migrants of bringing disease to Italy, specifically malaria. The completely false accusations surfaced after a four-year-old girl died of malaria who had not gone to a malaria-prone country. She was receiving diabetes treatment at a clinic where a family who had returned from a trip were being treated for malaria, meaning that the story is completely unfounded and has an explanation. Sadly, these “truthy” lies catch on and are hard to expunge from the minds of people, especially those now desensitized through the vast overproduction of fake and competing news. Read more here.



There were over thirty arrests of people in Belgium this morning in a coordinated police operation. As is common, the police came in the early morning, first around five to a common sleeping location. The arrests also continued at 7, even after volunteers attempted to wake people up to warn them about the possibility. Many items were left behind, some of them recovered. One man was hit by a car in his successful evasion of police. The most shameful chapter of the story comes as volunteers report that police, unsatisfied with the number of arrested, targeted a food distribution line outside of an NGO office.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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