AYS Daily Digest 11/10/17: Ongoing crisis facing Afghanistan deportees

FEATURE: Deportation Death Sentence — the ongoing crisis of Afghanistan Deportees // Many new arrivals in Greece, with many more coming by land // Volunteer needs to prepare for brutal winter in Greece // Updates on Ahmed H.’s trial in Hungary — ways to act! // Over 600 picked up in the Med // Calls for volunteers and asylum resources in Italy // Situation in France at a Breaking Point

Photo credit: Gabriel Tizon

FEATURE: Deportation Death Sentence

Deportations can happen in almost any country — this means that finding ways to prevent or highlight the dangers of deportation is the duty of ALL. In this piece, we examine the absurdities of the recent Swedish deportation, the results of deportation, as well as some urgent advice in order to protect those at the center of it all.

This information means that almost half of the people scheduled for deportation this evening was cancelled in last minute.


Swedish activists. Photo credit: Open Borders



Four boats arrived on Lesvos over the course of the day, carrying a total of 220 people between them.


According to the Middle East Monitor via NoBorders, hundreds of refugees have taken shelter in the forest of Samos in response to horrifically inadequate support inside the camp.

Photo credit: Middle East Monitor

Volunteer Needs

Dråpen i Havet or Drop in the Ocean is seeking long-term volunteers to join their team on Lesvos in anticipation of a hard winter. Their requirements are as follows:


A new social centre will open in Athens on October 12th! Free hot food, daily.


There are a few weeks left before the retrial of Ahmed H. of the “Röszke 11" — a group of eleven refugees who were accused of being terrorists simply for their participation in a protest of the border crossing between Serbia and Hungary in 2015. Ahmed H. was singled out as a leader and was sentenced to 10 years in maximum security in Hungary. His retrial will be on October 30th and November 2nd; in June he was issued the retrial after a court cited “lack of reasoning and interpretation” as a possible counter to the charges.


The Council of Europe is putting pressure on the Italian government, holding them accountable for the egregious human rights abuses that are escalating in the wake of the “successful” deal with Libya.

Arrivals and volunteer opportunities

Although there has been a noted decrease in arrivals from Libya, arrivals from Tunisia have remained quite high, with 2,700 coming in the last 3 months, according to InfoMigrants.

We have enough space, food and love enough for everyone here.

Photo credit: Kesha Niya Project


The pleas for help from France have only intensified in the last weeks. Heavy, non-stop rain and violent wakeup calls from sadistic police is the reality of life for many refugees in Paris and other hotspots in France.

Paris. Photo credit: Sarah Fenby-Dixon, click for more.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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