AYS DAILY DIGEST 11/12/2017: “Militarisation of the route through Europe makes conditions for asylum seekers much worse.”

Calais, December 2017. Photo L’Auberge des Migrants


“There are many cases of harassment from the police, and the Balkan route itself has partly been pushed into the hands of the mafia. The difference is mainly that the majority of the refugee flow in 2015 literally was followed by the camera lenses, while the current escape through Serbia, Bulgaria etc. have been forced underground, into irregularity and crime. More and more information also points to a growing Egyptian-Italian route for boat refugees, supposed to be a safer alternative to the dangerous Libya-route.”

“Since August 2017 about 1,000 migrants are stopped and returned every month by Austrian military, while Italian police have also upgraded the control of passenger ships to the north. In the fall of 2017, a few hundred also tried to sail to the Mangalia harbor in Romania via the old and dangerous route over the Black Sea.”


“We will meet outside the warehouse at Karadjordjeva 65 at 10 am. Please remember to bring your passports. There will be free coffee and tea! Please send a message to starz.robertson.ras@gmail.com if you can make it.”

“Finally, the premises planned in Calais to shelter the homeless under the cold plan are open. For all these men, these women, these children, it is essential that they stay open this winter, and that the authorities coordinate with associations to organize dignified living conditions “

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