More holes emerge in the reasoning being the EU-Turkey deal. With only 0.1% of Syrian refugees in Turkey receiving work permits and most children being unable to pursue an education, can Turkey be a viable option?

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Port of Piraeus E1 terminal


Fewer than 0.1% of Syrians in Turkey are able to apply for work permits, putting EU-Turkey deal further into question.


Greek government, UNHCR and MSF condemn yesterday’s violence towards refugees.

53,117 refugees stranded in Greece

Greek Council for Refugees issues critique of the changes to the law that allowed for EU-Turkey deal. Lawyers with background in EU law are encouraged to volunteer.

Greek government has started to move refugees from the port of Piraeus.

The Nea Karvala camp was emptied.

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Macedonian police on the border with Greece. Photo taken by refugees stranded in Idomeni

Peaceful protest in Idomeni


1850 people saved from drowning off the coast of Italy.



Donations needed. Schooling for refugee children provided by international organizations.


Useful information for refugees on train from Austria to Germany


Volunteers needed in Calais.

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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