AYS Daily Digest 12/06/17: Police brutality in Serbia and Croatia goes unpunished

Photo: Giles Duley, Art Against


Much has changed in Serbia the last couple of months. The police violence, that up until now hasn’t been that well reported or harsh, compared with the violence and also psychological abuse from the Croatian and Hungarian police, has increased.

Photo: AYS


MSF Sea have put up a letter box on #Prudence to give those that want to leave a message or share their story on board. Read this beautiful letter, that according to the staff on board makes all the work worth it in the end.


Turkish asylum seekers are reportedly illegally deported back to Turkey. Mostly it is the people that have been condemned in the Turkish justice system that is being deported back from Greece, according to a board member of the Hellenic League for Human Rights.


Refugee Support Greece will leave Alexandria in northern Greece by the end of June. They have been active in the camp for a longer period of time and helped improve the conditions significantly, which is why they are moving on to be able to provide help in other areas where their help is more urgently needed. The will stay in Filippiada and LM Village, and also move into Katsikas when it’s opening. As they write on Facebook:

Photo: Refugee Support Greece
Photo: Refugee Support Greece
Photo: Dråpen i Havet
Photo and schedule: Zaatar — non-profit organization


There has been an earthquake in the Aegean!


Refugees out on the streets

Photo: Baobab Experience


One of the people behind Solidarité has officially requested to be in charge of the assistance and support of migrants at la Chapelle for this summer. More info will hopefully follow about this.


Ahmed H, the man sentenced for 10 years of prison for protesting at the border and helping his family, has his next court hearing on Thursday.


Germany has, as an act of non-solidarity, asked other countries to take back more than 72 000 refugees during the Dublin Regulation, that says that refugees shall apply for asylum in the first EU-country they enter, or are registered in.


Norway is the latest country to come with the suggestion to ban burqas and niqabs. The proposition includes that the ban should apply all educational facilities, including the language courses that many newly arrived women are attending. By opposing the ban both students and teachers will risk consequences, such as losing their jobs or being expelled from their classes.


The reliability of medical age exams are, as AYS previously mentioned, hesitant. So far 2017 581 people have been examined and in 38 percentage of the cases the x-rays of teeth and knees doesn’t match. In the cases where someones knees and teeth according to the exam aren’t the same age, the older age is used and not the younger one. In 130 cases the wisdom tooth hasn’t grown as much as it should have on an adult, and in 39 cases the same goes for the knee bone. This means that the medical exam indicates that the person could be both under and over 18 years, but they are in those cases judged to be adults.



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Are You Syrious?

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.