AYS Daily Digest 12/06/17: Police brutality in Serbia and Croatia goes unpunished

Photo: Giles Duley, Art Against


Photo: AYS



“At the end of the day we asked ourselves, as we always have when there has been a difficult decision — what is the best thing to do for the refugees?”

Photo: Refugee Support Greece
Photo: Refugee Support Greece

“Are you in Athens and do you speak Farsi, Arabic, Dari, Kurmanji, Sorani, or Greek, and are interested in law and human rights, and working with the Refugee Info Bus?

Please send us a message on our Facebook page about why you would like to get involved.

Our team is expanding and we would love to meet you on Sunday.”

Photo: Dråpen i Havet
Photo and schedule: Zaatar — non-profit organization


- Long-life whole milk

- Bottles of still water

- Biscuits

- Brooms

Photo: Baobab Experience






We strive to echo correct news from the ground, through collaboration and fairness, so let us know if something you read here is not right. Anything you want to share — contact us on Facebook or write to:areyousyrious@gmail.com



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