AYS Daily Digest 12/04/17: Europe’s “wake up call” comes too late.

FEATURE: Europe’s response to Child Trafficking — too little, too late. Refugees returned to Turkey bearing wounds from their time in Greece. New arrivals increase in Greece. Serbia shifting refugees from camp to camp. Volunteers in France scrambling to recover after Dunkirk fire.

FEATURE: Europe’s response to Child Trafficking — too little, too late.

The relief efforts for Dunkirk after the devastating fire that leveled the camp are ongoing, however Calais Action released sobering information — 129 children still remain missing, most likely driven into the hands of traffickers lying in wait. Although we all anxiously wait for the recovery of these children, we know that the reality remains — that legislation targeting and marginalizing refugees only strengthens the power of evildoers.

Let it then also be upon us, as citizens and actors, to provide a determined, concerted, and coordinated follow-up to the promises laid out by the European Commission. Lives depend upon it.


The following is a report by an AYS volunteer in Turkey:

Photo Credit: Are You Syrious


After days of calm, several new arrivals on Chios. The first two landed in the morning and totaled sixty-eight people. The driver of the first boat was arrested as a smuggler. The third boat arrived in the afternoon with a total of fifty-six people.

People arriving today on Chios Photo credit: Leslie Meral Schick
A new guest in Greece. Photo credit: Chios Eastern Shore Response Team


GENERAL — Easter Travel Advisory


According to Marianna Karakoulaki: A group of refugees was camping in Thessaloniki after their camp was evicted yesterday. They say UNHCR promised to take them to private housing but instead they were taken to a different camp. They later ended up in the camp.

Waiting for a response from UNHCR. Photo credit: Marianna Karakoulaki


Call for artists in Athens


DRAMA camp has reopened 2 days ago. Volunteers say a few hundred kurdish people were moved from a hotel in mouries where they had been hosted for the winter. A volunteer also sent a photo a room at the camp that he compared to elpida (which is much nicer than “normal” camps ) the official numbers for the camp are now 234.

Nea Kavala

The We Are Here team posted a detailed report on their activities in Nea Kavala. In the report, one can see a bit more of how regular life is there, and the challenges remaining.

Photo from Camp Community, Food, Music and Dance festival in Nea Kavala. Photo courtesy of “We Are Here”


According to Borderfree Association: 200 new Refugees arrived in Presevo. 300 more to come. Camp Presevo is going to be filled up with rejected people from Sid.


Care4Calais provides a more detailed update on the ongoing aftermath of the Dunkirk Fire:

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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