Around 500 people rescued at Italian shore. The UNHCR data are showing that more refugees arrived to Italy than to Greece during the month of April. According to government estimates, there are over 54,000 refugees in Greece now. However, these number are not reliable and the government has decided to start a process of registration that will last up to six months. In addition to all the stress they are currently under, refugees in Greece must now also contend with undercover agents who are rooting out extremists. Arrivals to Germany rapidly decline after EU-Turkey deal. Extension of border control checks in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway for another six months. The Council of Europe expressed its concern about refugee children in Greece. The Charter of Idomeni proposed by the Greek journalists

Photo by Richard Klaassen, Chios Estern Shore Response Team

Featured story

Registration of refugees in Greece soon to start. More refugees now arriving in Italy than Greece.


Assad’s regime stopped humanitarian convoy to Daraya.


Undercover agents working within refugee camps.

Stamping of refugee papers at Piraeus to restrict newcomers.

Help needed in Lesvos and Samos camps.

Mass vaccinations begin in Idomeni. Weather warning for Islands.


500 people rescued near Italy.


Help needed for the legal team in Calais.

Showing support for the children of Calais Camp.



Fewer arrivals to Germany since April.

Police investigating claims about extremists in Germany.


Extention of border control checks in EU.

Treatment of children in Greek camps reason for concern.

The Charter of Idomeni receives support among journalist groups.

MSF in Bekaa Valley

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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