AYS Daily Digest 12/07/2018: Universal obligations ignored to instead criminalize victims

Italian camps evicted / Accounts of Libyan and Turkish coast guards / 73 year old supportive woman in France criminalized / Trump protests in the UK / Right to work established in Ireland / And more news…

Peaceful protest against Minister Salvini’s actions (or inaction), letting people drown at sea. (Photo by Giorgia Linardi)

FEATURE: Italy continues to ignore international obligations, criminalize victims

After a tug of war battle between human rights activists and the Italian authorities, the 67 people who were stranded at sea for four days have disembarked at the Trapani port in Sicily. The Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, had accused two of the refugees on board of hijacking their rescue ship. This is contrary to a statement by the owner of the ship confirming that there was no mutiny or violence on board whatsoever.


A quote from a Libyan Coast Guard (LCB) from an IRIN special report:


Salvamento Maritimo reports that four rescue missions saved people today. Marina Gadir rescued 30 people. Marina Arcturus rescued 62 people from six boats. Guardamar Concepción Arenal rescued 13 people from one boat. Lastly, Marina Hamal rescued 52 men from one boat and 55 people (35 men, 14 women and 6 children) from a second vessel in Mar de Albor.


Crisis in Moria persists

The tension from Moria is far from over. A volunteer clarifies, “The camp looks like a humanitarian crisis within a humanitarian crisis. Everywhere you see complete families dragging all their belongings to a safer place.” When will these families finally be provided safety?

NGOs working on Lesvos (with descriptions)

Here is a comprehensive list of descriptions of NGOs working on Lesvos. Please share to people looking to volunteer so they can be well informed.

#SavePikpa petition

The petition to #SavePipka, a small, community based camp in Lesvos for the most vulnerable families, from closing still needs signatures. Find it here.

Situation for new arrivals dire on Chios

According to dedicated volunteers the situation for new arrivals on Chios is dire. Women who are eight months pregnant are sleeping in sleeping bags in the open air and children are exposed to all sort of bugs and snakes. Tents are needed ASAP.


On Wednesday the Greek Dublin Unit published a list of the people who will be informed on their travel date and ticket information. You can find the list here.

Photo by Medecins du Monde

Call for donations

NGO SOS Refugiados is asking for donations to buy food to continue their services. For just one euro a month you could help feed the 3,000 refugees they serve a day.

Call for supplies

We Are Here community center in northern Greece desperately need supplies for the new arrivals in the summer months. Found out how you can help here .


In Rome, a volunteer organization reports that people are being evicted for failing to submit three files for a “census,” after which they are then taken to the Immigration Office. On Thursday, 35 boys were taken and the only means of shelter available to them now are tents on the street donated by citizens.


In an interview with DW, Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva says she will not build controlled asylum centers for refugees. Integration in the hardline anti-immigrant border country is nearly impossible, states the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee.


The official figure of registered new arrivals to the country from January 1st to June 30th 2018 is 7,652 people. At the same time, there have been only 684 asylum applications, indicating that access to asylum remains a problem for people in Bosnia.


A petition against the deportation of two community members, who are due to be sent back to Pakistan, needs signatures. Find more information and sign it here.


Many demonstrations are planned across the country against sea drownings. Find out more information here.


Call for donations in Calais

Calais is in desperate need of the items listed below. Find out more and how to help here.

Martine Landry is not a criminal. (Photo by Amnesty International)


In the run up to the September election, the far-right, anti-immigrant Swedish Democrats Party is gaining ground. The country, championed for its value of human rights, is increasingly being taken by the tide of political upheaval that is taking Europe by storm. Polls are putting the party at 20% of Parliament seats, which would be a significant increase from their current 12.9% of seats.


A protest will be held on Friday at 11:30am on Parliament Square against Trump’s arrival to the UK. Join to show the American President and May that refugees deserve safe passage. Find more information and sign up here.

From Thursday’s rallies. (Photo by Anne-Marie Oostveen)


Ireland has granted people seeking asylum the right to work after a long battle in the courts. With many of the restrictions lifted, practically all jobs are open and people will have the same employment rights and benefits as Irish citizens. Concerns remain that people will have an additional nine month wait for their asylum interviews, will have to pay a housing fee benefiting the private companies that run the centers, and that will be made difficult to apply for jobs.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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