AYS DAILY DIGEST 12/8: Abuse of refugees rights across Europe matched by new initiatives gaining ground and old spaces for integration refusing to be closed

The numbers in Greece for today and deportations in Lesvos. Refugees learning to code, learning to swim and teaching tools for English. Aid delivered to Syria in spite of fighting. New plans for relocation in Greece and the Skype procedure for Preregistration. Conditions in Macedonia camps worsening. Arrests in Albania and Bulgaria and evictions in Serbia. Heavy controls on Swiss/Albanian border. Germany to gain access to refugees’ social media. Sweden threatens to call out Hungary over Dublin.

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Credits: Elpida camp


The Migration Numbers in Greece and Relocation

Reintroducing the Nansen Passport?

Refugees Can Now Learn to Code in the Hackyourfuture Program

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Refugees learning to code. Credits: Germán D’Jesús
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Credits: Germán D’Jesús


In Spite of Continued Fighting Humanitarian Aid Arrives in Aleppo

Check out the video here:


Education efforts in Izmir


Arrivals today

New Plan to Relocate Refugees to New Centers on Crete

The Process of Preregistration in Case of Expired Police Note, Explained by GAS

For more information:Pre-registration Closed: What Happens Next? Pre-registration: How The Process Works? Pre-registration For Relocation: What To Expect? Unaccompanied Minors & Pre-Registration Help With Pre-registration In Athens

Teaching Refugees to Swim

Beautifying the Frakapor camp: Cooperation between volunteers and refugees

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Credits: schwizerchrüz.ch Michael Räber

No Border Kitchen Lesvos Stands Its Ground

A Pinterest Board for Teachers Available

Deportations in Lesvos


Police in Albania arrest 26


Conditions in Camps Worsening


Police Evicting Refugees from Parks

Park Festival to be Held in Belgrade on Sunday

Food donations in Miksaliste

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Credits: Refugee Aid Miksalište
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Credits: Refugee Aid Miksalište


Inspections of IDs and Detentions in Sofia


Heavy Control of Swiss/Italian Border

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Changes on the Swiss-Italian border. Credits: Welcome to Europe


Data on Calais by Help Refugees

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Latest Calais census. Credits: Help Refugees

Shops and Restaurants in Calais to Remain Open

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Credits: Care4Calais

On average, each shop and restaurant of 36 surveyed, serves as emergency accommodation for 4 newly arrived people during the night, totalling 252 places to stay every night. 30 people charge their phones in each one every day, totalling 2124 people who can keep in contact with their family on a daily basis. 12 free meals and food items are served daily in each restaurant — this totals 857, includes 200 free meals a day for unaccompanied minors in the Jungle Books Café. The Prefecture’s request to demolish the shops and restaurants in Calais was rejected on ALL COUNTS by the Tribunal Administrative in Lille and they will, for now, remain open. What is needed the most is food and tents, to donate physical goods to Calais email: calaisdonations@gmail.com To purchase goods online to be delivered straight to the Calais warehouse go to: https://www.leisurefayre.com/section.…/86100/1/help_refugees To donate to Refugee Community Kitchen: https://mydonate.bt.com/…/helprefugeesandrefugeecommunityki…

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An Afghan restaurant that now has the right to re-open, after being demolished. Credits: Calais Action
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Donations of sleeping bags and blankets arriving. More are needed. Credits: Calais Action

The Welcome Caravan was forced to close

Jungle books library Calais and Kids Cafe’s in Calais The library and the Kids Cafe tells us about the importance of a stable, safe place for unaccompanied minors in the Calais camp. Humanitarian Refugees work incredibly effectively in many ways the professional aid workers can not.The Kids Cafe is a place run by people the children can talk to and naturally respect.

Renegotiating the Touquet Agreements


Sweden to call Hungarian Ambassador over Refusing to Implement Dublin Regulation


Authorities will be granted access to search the social media accounts of refugees

“If you want to come to Germany, we have to make safety checks on you. And to make safety checks, we will ask you to show us your Facebook contacts from the last few months, which are public in principle anyway,” said de Maiziere.

Similar mobile device schemes are already up and running in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, reports the Guardian newspaper. He also announced plans to ease doctor patient confidentiality, a move that drew sharp rebuke from the German Medical Association. Meanwhile, any migrant seen as “endangering public safety” can now be kicked out of the country.

“In this way, we will in future increasingly use the instrument of deportation for foreign criminals and people likely to pose a threat,” de Maiziere is quoted as saying in Deutsche Welle.

The proposals, set to become law before the end of the year, comes in the wake of a knife attack in Wuerzburg and a suicide bombing in Ansbach last month. Both were claimed by the Islamic State. A German-Iranian in Munich had also gone on a shooting rampage and a Syrian asylum seeker had stabbed to death a Polish woman in Reutlingen. Neither incident was linked to Islamic State but have instead spooked a Germany that last year granted asylum to over one million people.

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