AYS Daily Digest 13/01/20 — Weekend Exodus from Libya as Violence Escalates

Seawatch 3, with 119 People On Board, Denied Port of Safety///Greek Government Lost on Humanitarian Policy///French Strikes Hurting People on the Move

People who were detained in Abu Salim protest the murder of two of their own Credit: Sally Hayden

Feature: Violence in Libya Causes Mass Exodus, Protests Over the Murder of Two Eritreans

About 1,150 people tried to escape from Libya between January 9th and January 12th, according to a press release published on Monday by AlarmPhone. 503 people were able to reach Europe, either independently or with the help of NGOs or the Maltese Coast Guard. Unfortunately, about 700 people were pushed back to Libya by the Libyan coast guard.

119 people wait on the Seawatch 3 for a safe port. Photographer: Federico Scoppa

Greek Government At A Loss Over Resettlement Policy (But What Else Is New?)

The Greek government presented a plan to allegedly improve the humanitarian situation for people detained in Greece and release the burden on the Aegean Islands. New centers on the mainland that can hold up to 15,000 people are being built. The government set an ambitious timeline of transferring the first 10,000 people to the mainland by the end of February.

German Cities Ask for More People to Be Resettled

While the rest of Europe ignores the people trying to reach safety on its shores or demonizes them, a group of German municipalities and cities are demanding they be allowed to help. They petitioned Angela Merkel to let them immediately begin resettling people that were rescued from the Mediterranean.

Nationwide Strikes Hurting Refugees, Especially in Paris

Historic strikes in France have all but paralyzed Paris’ public transportation, especially the metro lines. Unfortunately, this has hurt the most vulnerable people the most. Volunteer organizations are unable to deliver assistance or help people access important appointments. This information comes from Danica Jurisic:

More Information on Denmark’s Return of Syrian Refugees

As we have reported before, Denmark has been denying residence permit extensions to Syrians, especially those from Damascus, with the claim that fighting in the capital was over. A new article published by refugees.dk gives more information about what led to this decision as well as the consequences of return.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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