AYS Daily Digest 13/07/17: Italian government proposal could put thousands of lives at risk

Appeals for help from Italy / Hunger strike on Lesbos reaches 16th day / More people detained and deported from Greece / Letter from Derveni camp’s Eritrean community / 50 people run away from two asylum centres in Croatia / Borrowing ideas from the US: filing a lawsuit against the government for violating the right to seek asylum / And more news…

(Photo by Theerd Royaards)

FEATURE: Shocking stories emerge from Italy

The situation in Italy is not getting any better, with disturbing reports coming in from all over the country.

The Italian government’s recently published code of conduct governing NGOs sea rescue operations.


Arrivals and latest news

Last night, a boat with five people arrived at Chios port. All of those on board were men from Afghanistan: two minors and three adults. According to volunteers who helped them, they came from Turkey in a small rubber boat in which they paddled to Greek water for 5 hours until a Frontex boat picked them up.

The Moria hunger strike.

The Mobile Info Team

Lack of water at Samos and Vial camps

Talking about degrading conditions in Greece for refugees and migrants, we received a report from Samos camp in which people were said to receive only 1.5 litres of water per day per person, while in Vial it is even less — 3 litres per day for a family of four.

Conditions on the islands

Local authorities on the islands, or at least on Lesbos, admit that the current situation is unbearable.

InterVolve seeking long-term English teacher

InterVolve team is looking for a qualified and experienced long-term English teacher to lead daily adult education classes and join in with camp and urban activities outside of class time in Softex camp, near Thessaloniki.

Information on family reunification

We have received important information from RefuComm on family reunification.


Over the last week, at least 50 people—including very small children—ran away from the reception centre Porin, Zagreb, as well as the centre in Kutina. The move was largely driven by recent unlawful, negative decisions by the Ministry of Interior and Security Intelligence Agency. The ministry claims that these asylum seekers represent a security threat, yet they fail to provide an argument for their assertions.

“Nobody is illegal.”


There is a possibility that the government will cut processing time for asylum requests and boost housing for refugees. At the same time, the government will increase deportations of people they consider illegal economic migrants—at least that is what Prime Minister Edouard Philippe told the media.

Welcome to Refugee Community Kitchen!

The United States

Finally, an interesting idea from the United States! A group of legal organizations including the American Immigration Council, the Center for Constitutional Rights, Latham & Watkins, LLP (on behalf of the Los Angeles and Tijuana-based organization Al Otro Lado), and six individual asylum-seekers have filed a lawsuit that charges the government of violating the right of individuals to seek asylum.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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