AYS Daily Digest 14/02/17: The EU-Turkey deal has been a disaster for thousands

Amnesty International calling out the EU leaders | daily struggles in the Greek camps: a story from Oinofyta | Report: push-back practices in 5 countries from Central and Eastern Europe | Germany: grounds for Refugee Status for Syrian men avioding compulsory military service

A drawing by Heva (9) who was staying at the Mazarakis camp in Cherso, Greece, illustrates some of the dangers many people have been through and will never erase from their memory... ( Drawing made at the Open Cultural Center — OCC)


In detention according to the Deal

“Nobody should die in the cold on Europe’s doorstep. Leaders who claim the EU-Turkey deal could be a blueprint for new ones with countries like Libya, Sudan, Niger and elsewhere should look at the horrible consequences and be warned: this should never be repeated.”


Everyday struggle in Oinofyta camp

Photo: AYS
Photos: AYS
Provisional kitchen at Oinofyta (Photos: AYS)
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Pushed Back at the Door


From a Spanish classroom for an international classroom in Croatia

Photos: the Spanish school team


Full legal protection status for Syrian men who risk being drafted into the Syrian army

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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