AYS Daily Digest 14/06/17: People trapped in the cruel labyrinth of institutions

Hundreds of civilians being attacked in Syria / An impassioned call out of failing support on Chios / New refugee camps open in Greece / More volunteers documenting systematic violence designed to terrorize at Croatian- and Hungarian-Serbian borders / Italian institutional support apathetic and crumbling, according to journalists and activists / French Ombudsman condemns police violence against refugees! / Guinean man receives asylum in Belgium due to far right persecution in Greece / And more news…

Souda, Chios. Photo credit: Giorgos Moutafis


Attacks on and affecting civilians in Syria continue to mount on several sides of the on-going conflict. Daraa is being subjected to a brutal aerial campaign, with napalm having been dropped earlier in the week, causing infernos of fires. In spite of its status of being part of the so-called “de-escalation zone”, the city is facing continual bombardment as pro-government forces continue their advances on the city.


Registered Syrians and density of camps in Turkey and Jordan.

Click to view .pdf. Registered refugees in Jordan. Courtesy of UNHCR
Click to view .pdf. Courtesy of UNHCR
Click for .pdf. Courtesy of UNHCR


Official registrations show well over 100 people have arrived to Lesvos over the course of the day. And boat-watching crews continue to observe more people coming.

Photo credit DINIT
Photo courtesy of Drapen i Havet


Rigardu team documented several incidents of police violence at the Hungarian-Serbian and the Croatian-Serbian border since the end of May.
They write how observers in the region increasingly get the feeling that the violence by authorities is systematic to frighten people from crossing the borders. In fact, the report concludes, this means that people will be stuck in Serbia and therefore have no chance to ask for asylum in an EU member state.


Il Viminale (Italian Interior Ministry) has responded to the letter Mayor Raggi wrote to the Rome Prefecture yesterday and states that Rome needs to do more in terms of reception: it needs to find a place for at least 2000 more people because the number of arrivals will keep increasing so every region/city must do its part. The full report is available in Italian, here.

Photo credit: Refugee Youth Service



In an unprecedented case, a Gunean man was granted asylum in Belgium after a harrowing experience in Greece and constant threats to his life from Golden Dawn. He was targeted based on being African, and was subjected to repeated harassment by men on motorbikes and was beaten bloody with a metal pipe. No bystanders intervened. He had initially arrived in Athens in 2006, but attacks against him escalated from 2010.


In a huge step forward, the French Ombudsman denounces human rights violations in Calais, especially the harassment by police. He calls on authorities to allow food distributions and to protect unaccompanied minors. He says refugees are prevented from sleeping and drinking water, women are at risk and NGOs are prevented from doing their job. Read the full report in French. It is hoped that more will follow in his footsteps!


According to a local report:

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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