AYS Daily Digest 15/03/17: After March 15 possible deportations to Greece

Pressure builds up on Greece by the member states who didn’t keep side of their part of the bargain | Turkey having second thoughts about the Deal | Hungary introduces obligatory detainment for all | Refugee protests in Italy | France keeps returning people to danger; Volunteers and help needed in Calais and Paris | Germany thinking of returning people to Greece, while deporting Afghans to certain danger | MSF urging all sides in Syria to allow aid to come through

by Anthony Garner

Feature — Will there be Dublin returns to Greece?

Explicitly excluded from such returns will be vulnerable asylum applicants, such as unaccompanied minors. Applicants who were present in other EU nations before March 15 will “in most cases” still have their claims processed in those nations.


“Re-evaluating” the Deal


85 people safe!
“Yesterday we pulled 85 people into safety from a rubber dinghy. Also our friends from Proactiva Open Arms and Jugend Rettet e.V. assisted more than 100 refugees. #TogetherForRescue” (Photo: SOS MEDITERRANEE)




Dispaced Designers organize a Visual Storytelling photo workshop on Lesvos




Info Park is marking 1,5 year anniversary

Borderfree Association looking for volunteers

Building a school in Preševo Bujanovac (Photo: Borderfree Association)


Important changes in the asylum system in Hungary

All asylum seekers entering Hungary legally through the Transit Zone will be detained in a container camp at the Hungarian border with Serbia. This includes families, unaccompanied minors above the age of 14, single women and men.


Doctors needed on the shores of Ventimiglia


Gathered protesters in Trento © 2017 ilDolomiti.it


“Not in my name”


Deportations to danger and life threatening circumstances continue


“ Calais authorities are building a fence round a forest over 2m high to prevent people from sleeping in the shelter of the trees.” (Photo: Rachel Mantell‎)

What will happen at La Linière


“We didn’t leave our country to sleep under bridges or on the streets for days, weeks and even months.
We didn’t leave our country so we could be called terrorists by some people. We escaped​ from terrorists and terrorism, and I am one of the victims.
Today we are facing a lot of problems. Why?
Why aren’t we humans?
We are humans and we want to live like humans. This is our right.
I hope we can be given our rights as human beings.” (Photos&text: Shikhali EShaqzay)


We know we send them back to danger, we don’t know of their whereabouts

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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