AYS Daily Digest 16/1/17: Tuesday brought largest number of people rescued in 2018

2 lives lost, many babies, children, women and men saved in SAR actions across the Mediterranean / Donations and volunteers needed in mainland Greece / Italian politicians send out alarming messages / French president visited Calais, furious reactions followed / Calais mayor launches another verbal attack at the NGOs / and more news

“ Unbearable what we see. A dead child, and there may be more. More innocent bodies to counter the shame.
Do many children, women and men have to die so that react before this huge crime? Cramped in darkness breathing death” (Photo: Proactiva Open Arms)


In a single day more people found and rescued in the sea than from the start of the year

“With 556 people on board; 188 women, 153 minors, 30 babies, of whom 2 were found dead… Serious medical cases of different kinds, but we continue rescuing” — Oscar Camps, Proactiva



Moria 35 crowdfunding


Athens — donations needed

Need for volunteers


Statistics — arrivals, expulsions, asylum requests


New arrivals and full capacities



More than 15,000 unaccompanied minors arrived to the country

UNHCR statistical data of January 15

Court of Appeal annulled the ruling of the Court of Naples resulting in a grant of humanitarian protection

Alarming statements



Photos: Merel Graeve

Iron fist in a velvet glove

Asylum in France is a right.
Stop police violence!
The Dublin agreements are against human rights.
People are unable to find a country where they can resettle because they keep sending us back to the first country where we arrived, even if we have been rejected there. We are happy to be in any European country where we can live and work.
If Europe does not accept us, we want to go to Canada or to the US.
We are not here to stay in Calais.
We are not criminals, we just want to cross the border.
We are wondering if Calais is part of France, there are no human rights here.
We are not armed but the police are, and they are violent. They beat us, they gas us, they destroy our shelters and our belongings. They gas us even when we are sleeping. They beat and gas also minors and women. They cut our tents and spray our blankets and clothes with gas, making them unusable and impossible to clean. It is too cold to sleep out without shelter.
When temperatures drop below zero the Calais authorities open some shelters but there are not enough spaces for everybody.
The police confiscate our documents.
All these actions by police are illegal.
We are not free to circulate because every time we encounter the police we can be arrested. Sometimes they bring us to the police station then release us, sometimes they just drive very far and leave us in the middle of nowhere, sometimes they confiscate our shoes. Sometimes they put us in detention.
Instead of finding protection, people who have committed no crime are locked up in detention centres from where they are often deported to Dublin countries, or even to countries at war and handed over to the dictators they tried to escape.
It has emerged that refugees deported back to Sudan from Italy and Belgium were beaten and tortured on arrival. 80% of Afghans deported to Afghanistan leave again inside the first year because they feel not safe there.
Mr Macron wants to double the time immigrants can be detained, and deport more people.
All these repressive measures are not working: custom officers detected 115,000 attempts at crossing the Calais border last year and 167,000 the year 2016. There is not much difference. The only difference is that people have to hide, are more exposed to police violence and racist violence, cannot go to town for fear of being arrested, are invisible and are excluded from society; so we are pushed in ever more dangerous and even life-threatening situations.
No matter how much money the UK government spend in securing the border, people will keep trying to cross because they want to save their lives.
Five refugees have died trying to cross the Calais border in the last two months including a minor, and two were seriously injured. These are the ones we know of.
We want to ask Mr Macron: where are our human rights? Where are Liberte’, Egalite’, Fraternite’?
We are here because of war and dictators, we are not ‘economic migrants’.
Why is Mr Macron allowing the sale of arms to different countries at war and to dictators?
Mr Macron is encouraging the Libyan authorities to stop migration to Europe and this is causing people to die unnecessarily, to be detained in horrible conditions and to be sold in the slave markets. (Photos: One World: OPEN the borders)

Calais mayor attacks again


Photo credits: Bente Jaeger

New rules in family reunification


Women Asylum Seekers Together in London

Financial support for the refugees in the UK

Immigration after Brexit

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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