AYS Daily Digest 16/11/17: EU defending “an outrage to the conscience of humanity”

Although all human rights organizations condemn Libya, the EU member states — Germany and Italy in particular — seem to support crime / Greece facing serious weather conditions and organizations in need of more volunteers / Croatia involves consultants in setting up public system? / More refugees stuck in the France, UK etc. / And more news…

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Gorizia, November 16 (Photo: L’ ALTRA VOCE) The photo portrays horrendous conditions where a number of those “lucky enough” to have crossed the Mediterranean and reached the northern part of Italy

FEATURE — Germany and Italy defending criminal practice of Libya

The practice of support (political and financial) given to the Libyan coast guard and other forces working on preventing people to flee their countries and the continent in a search for safety and decent life constantly exposes returned migrants to Libya’s lawless detention centers, with no legal recourse.

Men, women and children enslaved, raped, beaten, piled on top of one another in the centres. All this has been known for a long time,”

— said former Italian foreign minister Emma Bonino.

However, now Italy’s foreign ministry simply said that Rome had been calling “for months” for those involved “to multiply actions and efforts in Libya to ensure acceptable and dignified conditions” in detention centres. This implies the states involved — are not involved?

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SOS MEDITERRANEE France shares experiences and continues rescuing those who escape the Libyan detention hell

The U.N. human rights chief demanded Libyan authorities investigate and prosecute those responsible for atrocities inside its detention centers, and for migrants sent back to Libya not to be detained at all.

Italian Foreign Minister, on the other hand, said they invite all those who are giving lessons to instead give more funds, more logistical support and more intervention in Libya to solve this issue. He also said that they know that conditions in the detention centers were unacceptable but said there were no alternatives.

“The increasing interventions of the EU and its member states have done nothing so far to reduce the level of abuses suffered by migrants. On the contrary, conditions have only worsened.” — Human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

an interesting comment from below the Twitter post says: The problem is that they urge yet take no action. Even I can urge Libya to stop, but I don’t have the prestige and power that the UN have.


EU resettlement framework: Eppur si muove


New arrivals

Two boats arrived to Chios. The first boat with 55 people arrived to Chios in the morning, carrying 14 men, 12 women and 29 children.
The second one had 22 men, 7 women and 26 children on board.

Islands need medical staff


Qualified doctors (or nurse practitioners) with a prescribing licence (minimum 2 years post qualification) are needed; ideally GPs, paediatricians, women’s health specialists (including contraception advice) and A&E doctors who are prepared to help with primary care. We would also need experienced nurses with or without prescribing license (although it is very helpful if you do have one


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Monday to Saturday, our medical clinic in camp Moria serves up to 60 patients a day, previously a dentation centre designed to accommodate 2,500 people, is now home to 6,468 people seeking refuge from war and persecution. People in need of shelter, food and water, sanitary, medical aid and a safe environment are living under very harsh conditions. These challenges will only increase, as new arrivals come to the island of Lesvos every day and winter settles in. For our clinic to keep serving these patients, we are in need of senior and junior doctors to join our team for the month of December. As our clinic is busy from the moment it opens to when we leave the camp, we ask that only fully qualified, professional and experienced medical volunteers apply. If you’re qualified and interested in this opportunity then please apply by emailing us directly with the subject heading MEDICAL to: aid@ercintl.org
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Athens — volunteering and aid needs

Not only for the mothers vitamins are important but also for the babies being breastfed as it helps to build their immune system as well.

Khora Community Center is looking for volunteer English, German, French, computer, and music teachers.

We offer all levels of language from ABC´s to C1 fluency. We take teachers with little or lots of experience, no certificate required. We provide teachers with teaching resources and educational support. We need teachers to teach at Khora for at least 4 weeks, the longer the better!! We are based in central Athens, close to Exarcheia. For more info, please send an email to khora.education@gmail.com

Free Shop needs help

Since last November, the number of people coming through our shop has grown exponentially — in fact, so much that it’s become a bit of a problem. Our aim has always been to serve people with an attitude of dignity and compassion. We don’t use distribution lines (they’re dehumanizing, and people aren’t animals). We want to avoid huge mobs of people waiting outside (safety never takes a holiday). And we want people to have a fun experience at the Free Shop.
During the month of November, Khora has been closed. We’ve been doing building work, using feedback on how we can improve, and cleaning the space.
We’ve found a location a short 5-minute walk from Khora’s main building.
we need your help. Running our shop and keeping it nice requires money. This money goes toward electricity, water, gas for van trips to the warehouse, building upkeep, and rent. We’re a small organization and want to help as many people as possible. We can’t do that without the generous support of people like you.

Please contact them through their official Facebook page so you can see how to help.

No Border School urgently needs English and German teachers to help us continue to deliver our classes at various locations in Athens.

If you can commit to 4 weeks volunteering with us we’d love to hear from you

PM to https://www.facebook.com/noborderschool/
Email noborderschool@outlook.com


Why is the state of Croatia hiring ICT consultancy firm to tailor the national integration policy?

What is even more peculiar than this period of limbo is the fact that the evaluation of the previous policy framework, measures for improvement of the ‘existing’ policies, but also creating the new policy framework and the indicators for its’ monitoring is project-based (funded from IPA 2012 and AMIF funds).

What AYS finds especially interesting is the fact that the evaluation and policy improvement ‘project’ is done in by two consultancy firms.

One of these private partners of the Croatian state has a mission ‘to ensure the provision of high quality consultancy and ICT services for their customers, supporting them to achieve their strategic and business goals and ensuring continuity throughout the changes to their business.’
As citizens of this state, we find it hard to make the sign of equation between the ‘doing business’ and working with people.
Also, as citizens of this state, we would like to know what qualifies ICT business consultancy firm or any other generic consultancy entity to direct such a complex social and life process?

We should highlight that the new Action plan is targeting almost exclusively the persons to whom the international protection has been granted within the majority of its measures

— the measures which are targeting the asylum seekers include only those measures which are actually legal obligation of the State (such as access to education for children and minors), already defined by the Act on International and Temporary Protection.
This kind of approach might indicate the so-called ‘rationalisation of the available resources’ and the misconception that the integration process begins only in the moment when a person received his/her asylum papers.


Cona marchers reach Venice

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Photo: Cooperativa Caracol



Calais refugees face the winter

With temperatures now reaching zero degrees and over 800 people sleeping rough in Calais alone, it is becoming harder and harder for the few organisations operating here.

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Photos: Ifty Patel



A continuing disadvantage for the refugees

Families still in constant waiting

The imposed measures by Germany contravene basic German law, the European Convention on Human Rights (Article 8) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. They also threaten the already vulnerable families, whose members have suffered a number of violations and/or threats prior to their arrival in Europe, where they were mostly welcomed with — a limbo.

Doctors say that it would have been too late if we had found him 10 to 15 minutes later

The incident of a small boy from Sierra Leone who was found by the authorities could have been the latest in a long string of tragedies along the Brenner railway.

In recent months, other migrants have been hit by trains as they were walking along the Brenner railway northwards. Some of their names are not yet known and may never be so. Info Migrants


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