AYS Daily Digest 16/11/17: EU defending “an outrage to the conscience of humanity”

Although all human rights organizations condemn Libya, the EU member states — Germany and Italy in particular — seem to support crime / Greece facing serious weather conditions and organizations in need of more volunteers / Croatia involves consultants in setting up public system? / More refugees stuck in the France, UK etc. / And more news…

Gorizia, November 16 (Photo: L’ ALTRA VOCE) The photo portrays horrendous conditions where a number of those “lucky enough” to have crossed the Mediterranean and reached the northern part of Italy

FEATURE — Germany and Italy defending criminal practice of Libya

“Handing human traffickers the keys to European democracies” is presented by the Italian Minister as the alternative to the Italian and EU’s supporting of the unlawful and horrendous activities of their Libyan ‘partners in crime’.

SOS MEDITERRANEE France shares experiences and continues rescuing those who escape the Libyan detention hell
an interesting comment from below the Twitter post says: The problem is that they urge yet take no action. Even I can urge Libya to stop, but I don’t have the prestige and power that the UN have.


EU resettlement framework: Eppur si muove

A mandate for negotiations on a regulation establishing an EU resettlement framework for the admission of persons in need of international protection has been set up on behalf of the European Council. With main objective being legal and safe pathways, common rules for resettlement and humanitarian admission, effective contributing to global resettlement and taking the pressure off the third-countries, they hope to “decrease flows to our own external borders, disrupt the business model of smugglers and balance the efforts done in other fields, for example in returns”.


New arrivals

Three boats to Lesvos this morning, a total of 146 people (39, then 64 and the last boat had 42 people on board), all on the north coast of the island. They will be welcomed to a camp which has absolutely no space or capacity!

Islands need medical staff


Kitrinos Healthcare has responded to the emergency crisis by seeking and obtaining official permission to provide essential medical services in Leros.
An emergency response medical team has headed to Leros this week and officially commenced services yesterday, Wednesday November 13.


Monday to Saturday, our medical clinic in camp Moria serves up to 60 patients a day, previously a dentation centre designed to accommodate 2,500 people, is now home to 6,468 people seeking refuge from war and persecution. People in need of shelter, food and water, sanitary, medical aid and a safe environment are living under very harsh conditions. These challenges will only increase, as new arrivals come to the island of Lesvos every day and winter settles in. For our clinic to keep serving these patients, we are in need of senior and junior doctors to join our team for the month of December. As our clinic is busy from the moment it opens to when we leave the camp, we ask that only fully qualified, professional and experienced medical volunteers apply. If you’re qualified and interested in this opportunity then please apply by emailing us directly with the subject heading MEDICAL to: aid@ercintl.org

Athens — volunteering and aid needs

AMURTEL Greece wants to continue to support women with the so much needed vitamins. Help them if you can!14Currently refugee mothers still face an enormous challenge to have support during their pregnancy.
The money budget per family is low and nutrition tends to be accordingly to what the money is enough to buy and not what is needed. Vitamins help to reinforce the mothers system that in pregnancy is more fragile along with the living difficulties refugee women face every day.

Free Shop needs help


Why is the state of Croatia hiring ICT consultancy firm to tailor the national integration policy?

In Croatia, according to the words of the Government Office for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities (national coordinating body for integration policies), the newly proposed Action plan for Integration of who they call ‘Third-Country Nationals who need international protection’ for the period 2017–2019 should be adopted by the Croatian Parliament.
The previous Action plan has covered the 2013–2015 period, and we are not quite sure what was legally (and actually) directing Croatian decisions regarding the people in need of international protection in the meantime.

What AYS finds especially interesting is the fact that the evaluation and policy improvement ‘project’ is done in by two consultancy firms.

One of these private partners of the Croatian state has a mission ‘to ensure the provision of high quality consultancy and ICT services for their customers, supporting them to achieve their strategic and business goals and ensuring continuity throughout the changes to their business.’
As citizens of this state, we find it hard to make the sign of equation between the ‘doing business’ and working with people.
Also, as citizens of this state, we would like to know what qualifies ICT business consultancy firm or any other generic consultancy entity to direct such a complex social and life process?


Cona marchers reach Venice

Solidarity citizens are working to collect donations to support the asylum seekers who were stopped in the Venice area, where they came in a march from the asylum centre Cona, protesting the inhumane conditions there, hoping for a more dignified lodging and treatment.
Parishes of the area opened their doors for this night, although the police initially stopped them upon arrival and return was demanded, they were taken by buses and placed for the night.

Photo: Cooperativa Caracol


Baobab Experience Volunteer group need volunteers armed with patience and smiles, on Saturday, 15h, in the area of the Piazzale Maslax.
They have plenty of things to distribute, they only ask for some of the things to be donated if possible, between 14:30 and 15h:
- blankets
- S/M size men’s underwear (new) and socks
- men’s sport shoes, size 40–45
- men’s sport jackets, S/M size (no coats)
- backpacks
- toiletries, shower gels and shampoos in SMALL size


Calais refugees face the winter

The situation on the streets of Calais continues to worsen.
Over a year later, with the arrival of another winter, there are still hundreds of refugees and migrants bracing for the cold, desperate to cross the Channel and to make a fresh start in Britain.
The refugees living in Calais continue to depend upon the volunteer organizations that have been present in the area all the while: Help Refugees, Utopia 56 and Care4Calais.

With temperatures now reaching zero degrees and over 800 people sleeping rough in Calais alone, it is becoming harder and harder for the few organisations operating here.

Photos: Ifty Patel


Restos du Coeur prepares hot food in Porte de la Chappelle on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.
They work at 20h weekdays, except Sunday, when it starts at 19h.
Food is prepared for 500 people, but as only 200 people seem to have found out about it on Tuesday, they are spreading the word.


A continuing disadvantage for the refugees

People with a migration background differ markedly from those without a migration background in key areas, such as education, the labor market and income. This is the conclusion of a study by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis). Their statistics show that those with a migration background have much poorer chances in the labor market than those without a migration background.

Families still in constant waiting

The issue of Familiennachzug has once again come to prominence, this time from both the families’ side and the politicians’ interests.
It threatens to become the make-or-break issue on which coalition talks to form a new German government could founder, media comment.

Doctors say that it would have been too late if we had found him 10 to 15 minutes later

The incident of a small boy from Sierra Leone who was found by the authorities could have been the latest in a long string of tragedies along the Brenner railway.


Disturbing news are coming from the UK.
A petrol-type accelerant was pushed through the front door letterbox of the semi-detached house of a Syrian refugee family and the house burned in most part, while the family managed to get out. The local residents fear it was racially motivated, but the police still didn’t go public regarding the reason behind the attack.
The family, a woman with 3 children and the fourth one on the way, with her husband, are awaiting to be transferred to a new home.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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