AYS DAILY DIGEST 16/7/2018: Six children suffocated while dreaming to reach Europe

More than 100 people found in a truck in Libya // Finally, some good news from Greece about Pikpa // More pushbacks at the border between Greece and Turkey // Alarming situation in Bosnia and help needed // Push backs from Slovenia // Protests against deportation to Afghanistan in Sweden

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Picture by the local security forces Pictures of the local security forces in this area are showing the interior of the cooling truck, which also had life jackets and several tanks with fuel, which were apparently intended for use in a boat trip.


Six children and two adults, one woman and one young man, suffocated in a refrigerated truck in Zuwara, west Lybian cost. They suffocated from petrol fumes while packed in a truck together with a group of about 100 people. All of them were found in a critical condition and had been taken to a local hospitals for treatment.


On Sunday, the Moroccan authorities conducted a vast operation of the arrest of unaccompanied minors, and more than 120 were arrested, according to the Association Marocaine des Droits Humains — Section Nador. They were trying to reach Spain. Apparently, this operation was conducted in accordance with the requirements from the Spanish government.


Good news from Greece — Lesvos Solidarity — Pikpa.

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Photo by Refugee 4 Refugee from Lesvos


Alterego — Fabbrica dei diritti issued a video showing the life of about 120 people who are sleeping in Via Scorticabove, Rome. Most of them were evicted from other places about 10 days ago, and are mostly coming from Sudan. As they report, the situation is dramatic with not enough food or clean water.


Police found two persons hiding in a truck in the customs area in Sarajevo. Both were arrested. Video surveillance camera shows two persons jumping over the fence in this area, looking for trucks and entering one of them, according to the police.

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By Gabriel Tizon. An 11-Year-old refugee girl will be in this morning at the only possible place of temporary settlement at the border of Velika Kladuša.


The European Union has donated to Serbian border police new equipment and the necessary technical support to help it fight illegal immigration, Italian news agency Ansa reports. The equipment includes, among others, powerful binoculars, special cameras, helmets and shields.


Slovenian organizations Amnesty International Slovenia and Legal Information Center for NGOs (PIC) recently visited Bosnia and Herzegovina, after Slovenian newspaper Dnevnik reported that refugees entering Slovenia are being involuntarily returned back to Bosnia and Herzegovina, making it impossible to ask for asylum.


Update from Dunkirk by the Mobile Refugee Support


Protest against deportations in Åstorp are announced for Tuesday.

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