AYS Daily Digest 17/12/17: The daily struggles of building up a new life in Europe

Survey with immigrants and refugees shows their challenges and worries / New horror stories from Lesvos / Patras city orchester gives solidarity concert in squat / Updates from Serbia, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy

Even when they leave the camps, immigrants in Europe often face trouble in their host countries. Credits: Art Against

Feature: The challenge of finding a new home

Many people are afraid of reporting crimes — especially, when they do not have a legal status. Source: ENAR

Getting a job”, “immigration administration” and “missing friends and family” are cited as the main difficulties for migrants in the five countries. The majority of the respondents experienced difficulties in finding a home to live in (77%) and housing conditions are particularly bad in Greece. Overcrowding is most common in reception and detention centres in Greece and Italy. Respondents are particularly vulnerable to crime in Greece, with assaults being the most significant. One third of respondents reported having experienced verbal abuse, with black Africans reporting the highest levels (37%). Reporting crime is an issue, especially for undocumented people due to fear of deportation. The highest reported distrust of the police is in Hungary (23%).


Not an appropiate place for a pregnant woman. Credits: F. Kontrafouri فیلیو

To improve the dire conditions in Moria at least a bit, the Respond team started a new fundraiser. The want to set up a shower complex next to the camp and provide their guests with supplies. For constructing and running the showers, they want to raise 15.000 Euros.

According to volunteer and media information, the 33 Turkish nationals, who arrived in Greece by boat on Thursday, were transferred to Athens now. The reason, that they were transferred so quickly apparently is, that there was no translator on the island. But also, because there was no capacity in the facilities of Chios to accomodate them appropiately.


The city orchestra of Patras performs in an abandoned factory building. Credits: Rando Wagner








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