AYS Daily Digest 18/4/17: A letter from the inside of the detention camp in Hungary

Recent surge in the Mediterranean waters — where is the EU at the sea? | Translators needed in Greece | A letter about negligence, racism and lack of solidarity from the Hungarian detention camp | Accounts on what happened in the north of France in the past days | Denied healthcare to asylum seekers in the UK

Belgrade, April 2017 (Photo: Lisa Bosia Mirra)

“The guard closed the small window” — A letter from the inside of the detention camp


The only question is: life or death?

“The priority needs to be saving lives, not patrolling a make-believe border. The further they stay away, the more people will die. Saying there is a pull factor is just ignorance. It’s avoiding responsibility,” the founder of MOAS said.


Registration of arrivals

Assisted Voluntary Return and Resettlement

Support and translators needed

Refugee feedback review: Vulnerabilities of single males

Rumours&Answers: Family reunification, fines, …

Information by News That Moves


Volunteers needed

A new point for informal education opened in Belgrade

“We’ve been slightly quiet preparing everything, but we can now happily announce that this week we opened up our dedicated education centre, ‘The Workshop’! Ran in collaboration with NorthStar and powered by international and local volunteers, the centre will be open five days a week to provide English language lessons and skill building workshops for migrants in and around Belgrade.” (Photos: RAS)




Grande -Synthe — A lack of information and atmosphere of mistrust

Photo: People in Motion


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